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17 December, 2014

A Human Rights violation called: Mafia

Categories: Human Rights, Mafia, Opinion

Written by Alessandra Coppola I’m a Human Being, like all the others but not the same. I’m from a wonderful country, Italy, full of art and history, where little heroes, from north to south of our beautiful boot, are still fighting against a degrading human rights violation: MAFIA. Article 1. All human beings are born… View

17 December, 2014

Moments of Irish protest

Categories: Country review, European Action Week, Opinion

Written by: Aileen Donegan December 10 is Human Rights Day. On this day, in Ireland, we’ve chosen it to march towards of Government HQ on Kildare Street in protest over water charges – the State’s new tax, set to begin early 2015. The growth of people power and grassroots activism is a positive sign of… View

15 December, 2014

Always in campaign

Categories: European Action Week, Guest writer, hate crime

Looking into the deep meaning of the Human Rights Declaration we can realize both how much has been already done, and how much need to be done in the time ahead. This paradox is stimulating since make us understand that fight for Human Rights will be forever needed. Our honored president Violeta Friedman, as a… View

15 December, 2014


Categories: European Action Week, Guest writer

Human Rights belong to us just because we are human beings. We are born with them, nobody gives or offers them, and therefore, nobody could take them away from us.  Human Rights defend dignity, and that is the reason why Human Rights are fundamental rights. However, in practice there is a contradiction between those abstract… View



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