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Latest News

16 March, 2015

The Essence of Diversity and Mutual Co-existence

Categories: Discrimination, Opinion, Racism

Written by Felix Kwabena Donkor, Alborg University, Denmark Diversity refers to people coming together from different races, cultural backgrounds, religions and sexes to form a group or community. This is evident in nature as several wonders of nature are as a result of several organisms coexisting which produces many wonders of nature and leaves one to marvel…. View

16 March, 2015

Everyday hate speech in Romania

Categories: Antitziganism, Discrimination, Opinion, Racism, Roma

Written by Ariel Pontes In Romania it’s common for people to condemn the accent from other regions without any pudency. And many don’t do it jokingly, they really mean it. They call people with accents “peasants” and “rednecks” that destroy the Romanian language and nobody reacts, it’s socially acceptable. Openly complaining about gypsies with strong… View

16 March, 2015

Half-truths and fragments – fighting for my mind

Categories: Antitziganism, Opinion, Racism, Roma

Written by Violeta Vajda  I am Romanian and Hungarian and I grew up in Romania, alongside many Roma people. But I never really met them or started to learn about their lives until I was an adult. We spoke many languages in my family and hometown: Romanian, Hungarian, German, Serbian, even English or French. But we… View

16 March, 2015

Levelling the playing field

Categories: Antisemitism, Discrimination, far-right, Football, Racism

Written by Jemma Tyson On 17th February this year, the behavior of English football fans was once again in the headlines. The focus was not on the game, nor indeed the club per se, but rather the behavior of  Chelsea  fans travelling on the Paris Metro. As you will no doubt have seen for yourself,… View



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