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15 November, 2014

UNITED Press Release – 9 November

Categories: Antisemitism, European Action Day, Fascism, Holocaust

UNITED against fascism and antisemitism  International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism – 9 November 2014 More than 220 coordinated actions have been organised by grass-roots organisations and different local groups in 45 European countries for the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism. This year’s variety in actions ranged from commemorations, lectures, debates, demonstrations and symposiums over… View

12 November, 2014

Un conte pour combattre l’antisémitisme!

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Amande est une artiste peintre belge engagée, passionnée d’histoire, d’art et défenseure des droits humains. Convaincue par l’adage « Celui qui ne connaît pas l’histoire est condamné à la revivre », elle a créé un petit conte illustré : « Ceci n’est pas un conte. » Une histoire qui retrace en quelques lignes la vie… View

12 November, 2014

TAKE ACTION NOW! Selected antisemitic hate speech reports

Categories: Action against hate content., Antisemitism, European Action Day, Fascism, Holocaust

TAKE ACTION NOW!   The online activists of the Movement have selected three reports from the Hate Speech Watch. These reports are recommended for further online actions either with the aim to remove them from the Internet for being extremely dangerous and having serious consequencies, or with the aim to reduce its harm for the… View

9 November, 2014

Arbeit macht frei!

Categories: Antisemitism, Holocaust, Uncategorized

Written by Envera Suljic My name is Word. I live everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, in all colours, races, religions and nations, but still the same. I bring a lot of good, but many do not respect me, so I bring a portion of evil too. You know the thing: ‘Nice word opens every… View