12 December, 2016

10 Dec: Human Rights Day celebration by children in Chile

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Menno Ettema
9 am

Human Rights Day: Friends Chile Project celebrates children that speak up for Human Rightsfriend-chili   

Since 2015, with the support of “Alberto Hurtado School” from Villarrica, our Project has been developing a Human Rights workshop (twice per week) for Children between 10 and 17 years old in this educational community, including as basic material the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Declaration and Convention on Rights of the Child, the constitutional guarantees chapter of the Political Constitution of Chile and Bookmarks (the manual published to support the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign of the Council of Europe for human rights online), together with additional training such as the interview with the Head of Philosophy at UCSC PhD D. Solis, one day seminars with invited speakers, etc.

As a way of illustrating what was learned, the children drew and wrote letters referring to the human right they were most worried about, motivated or interested to develop. The most relevant for them was the right to a clean environment without pollution, followed by the right to quality education (for both nationals and children around the world) and a decent life. Some of the children used the opportunity to advocate for animal rights as the Peppa Pig drawings demonstrate.

Villarrica is a tourist place in the central south of Chile where the waste is still not recycled, this being the main request of the children along with the care and conservation of the lake, those whose chosen right was access to quality education also asked to improve the quality of access to the internet and technology implementation.


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