12 December, 2016

10 Dec. Slovak Poem and Photograph competition on Human Rights and bullying

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Category: Discrimination, Human Rights
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Slovak teenagers understand importance of human rights

by: Diana Musová

The writing and photography competition organized by the Youth Parliament in Turčianske Teplice in Slovakia reached its goal. Ten talented possibly future authors and poet had written reflections, narratives, and also poems on very recent themes and topics such as human rights, bullying, hate speech and discrimination. Three young and passionate photographers took seven inspiring photos showing different situations connected with the topic.

To make the competition more serious and results more trustworthy, the Parliament´s Youth have invited well-known poet Ondrej Nagaj and photographer Gusto Hegedüš to join their jury. Together they decided the winner. Decision was very difficult because every single text or photo was either thought-provoking or heartbreaking and artistic.

University student Filip Hrivnák was the winner of the writing category with his pensive poem about bullying at college, based on actual situations.

Martina Švecová, high school student, won first place in the photography category with her series of photos of a girl bullied by her classmates. He was very vocal about using a neutral density filter to help enhance the picture. This allowed him to have a very clear and vivid image which felt like the picture was real. Work of other showed compassion and empathy to people with several destinies – victims of domestic violence and discriminated Romas and refugees. But at the end the most important message was to live and let live. Peacefully.

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Winning Photo series by Martina Švecová

martina-svecova-15  martina-svecova-a martina-svecova


Winning Poem: Original and Translated by Filip Hrivnák

Šiel som chodbou, tmavou.
V tej chodbe dievčina sedela.
Lebo bola sama.
Zastavil som, že ju objímem.
Odišiel som.
Pár dní prešlo.
Vracal som sa tou chodbou späť.
Bol tam hluk.
Počul som smiech.
Ona plakala.
Poslal som ich preč.
Vraj nechcela moju pomoc.
Odišiel som.
Prešiel čas.
Chodba zostarla a ona tiež.
Zmenila sa.
Tvár mala cudziu, aj šaty.
Nebola sama.
Tí, čo sa smiali, sedeli tam s ňou.
Počul som chichot?
Posledný raz som tou chodbou šiel.
Zatlačili ma do kúta.
Medzi nimi, bola známa tvár.
Nebola viac smutná.
Zlosť ju tešila.
Kde ona plakala.
Ja dnes plakať budem.
A ďalší potom.
Lebo zlosť sa šíri ako choroba.
Ako bolesť.
Ako šikana. 

Filip Hrivnák


Through the dark I walked.

Girl was sitting there.

She cried.

Cause’ she was alone.


I stopped to hug her.

She didn’t let me.

So I left.

Few days flew away.

Through the dark, I was coming back.

It was noisy there.

And laugh I heard.

She cried.

Leave, I told them.

I wasn’t asking for your help, she said.

I left.

Time flew.

Dark got older and she so.

She had changed.

Face and dress were strange to me.

She wasn’t alone.

Sitting with those who were laughing.

I heard them giggling ?

Last time I came to dark.

They pushed me to the corner.

Laughing at me.

Familiar face I saw between them.

No longer sad.

In anger she found friend.

Where she used to cry.

I will cry today.

And others then.

Because anger is illness and it spreads.

As a pain does.

And bullying too.


Filip Hrivnák

Translated by Filip Hrivnák


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