29 November, 2016

10 December events in Romania

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Menno Ettema
9 pm

logoVarious events will be organised to promote Human Rights online across Romania from 7-10 December. The list below is no means exhaustive, for announcements of other events and updates check the Romanian campaign Facebook page.


  1. Café Journalism for Justice: freedom of expression and hate speech (Cluj Napoca, Romania)

On the 7th of December the organization Go Free – Association for the Support of Civil Society will organize in Cluj Napoca, Romania its 7th edition of Café Journalism for Justice. This edition of the event will tackle freedom of expression and hate speech, with a focus on the LGBTQAI community and vulnerable target groups of hate speech in Romania. More information will be posted (in Romanian) on http://www.gofree.ro/ and on the association’s Facebook page.

  1. Thematic No Hate classes for high school pupils and county-wide No Hate exhibition (Botoşani, Romania)

The Association Reason for Hope in Botoşani, Romania, together with several high school teachers and their pupils from the National College A.T. Laurian and School no. 7, in partnership with the City Hall of Botoşani and the Teaching-Staff Resource Centre Botoşani will organize on the 9th of December a county-wide No Hate exhibition. The project will run through December 2016 – January 2017 and aims at implementing activities in line with combating discrimination through tolerance, education and the No Hate approach. Thematic classes will be organized for pupils, during which photos and stories will be developed by using the “photo voice” non-formal education method and creating 8 No Hate Facebook groups. The most interesting photos and stories will be displayed during the exhibition to be held at the Teaching-Staff Resource Centre Botoşani. After the exhibition will be over, the content created will serve as teaching material for future classes. Topics include women’s discrimination in the workforce, discrimination of people with disabilities and of elderly people and so on. The target group of this initiative: 200 pupils in the 10th grade and the local public authorities.

  1. Special, Not Different – No Hate awareness raising campaign in schools (Iaşi, Romania)

Between 6-8 December the Christian-Humanitarian “Serving Life” Association will run 7 thematic sessions on discrimination and education for Human Rights in 2 secondary schools and 5 high schools in Iaşi, Romania. This initiative sets out to support Human Rights education against hate speech, aiming at changing attitudes through non-formal education methods in formal learning settings. Using the storytelling method, two volunteers with disabilities will share their personal stories with the 200 pupils, 10 teachers, and the volunteers from the “Serving Life” Association and Caroma Nord organization (Republic of Moldova). The events are part of the Erasmus+ project titled “Special Not Different”.

  1. Expert Mobility from the Republic of Moldova – Hate Speech in political discourse in Romania and Republic of Moldova (Cluj Napoca, Romania)

Between 7-8 December an expert from Promo Lex in the Republic of Moldova will have a 2-day working visit at the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) in Cluj Napoca so as to analyze with two experts at PATRIR the hate speech situation in the political context of Romania and in the Republic of Moldova. The objectives of this cross-border activity are to analyze the legal framework of the two countries with respect to Hate Speech in political discourse, to analyze the characteristics of this type of hate speech and to draft a joint report, with a final aim of putting forward a legislative initiative in the Republic of Moldova to tackle hate speech in general and hate speech in political context in particular, in the framework of the election campaigns in the two countries. The individual expert mobility is a FOND (Development NGOs Federation in Romania) activity supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Romania through RoAid and UNDP.

  1. Educators for Combating Hate Speech Online: Regional Training Course on Bookmarks (Bucharest, Romania)

tc-romaniaTo celebrate the International Day of Human Rights on the 10th of December, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Romania, the No Hate Speech National Campaign Committee Romania along with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe will organize between 10-14 December a regional training course on the Council of Europe’s “Bookmarks” manual. The event will gather 35 educators (teachers, youth workers, activists, trainers and so on) from Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. More details (in Romanian) are available online.

  1. PATRIR Film Night Series (Cluj Napoca, Romania)

Another edition of the newly relaunched PATRIR Film Night series will be organized in December so as to celebrate the International Day of Human Rights. The movie screening will be followed by a discussion on the importance of observing Human Rights online and offline and will be facilitated by the two international volunteers at the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR). More information will be soon made available on www.patrir.ro and on PATRIR’s Facebook communication channels, and an event will be created with the title PATRIR Film Night.

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  1. Irina Drexler

    Update → The film night organized by the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR) in Cluj Napoca will take place on Wednesday, the 14th of December at Urania Palace (4 Horea Street). The film to be screened is “Little Alien” (2009), an Austrian film about teenage refugees “fleeing crisis regions and undertaking an extremely dangerous journey to Europe, all alone, hoping for one thing: to live.” The organizing team will also facilitate a Q&A session after the screening and the No Hate Speech Romania national campaign coordinator will be present via Skype or recorded video as well.
    Details about the movie can be found here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1499486/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt
    The Facebook event will be shared within the “PATRIR – Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania” Facebook group.


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