1 August, 2013

22 July actions in Georgia

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Ruxandra Pandea
2 pm

Gubaz Koberidze, a volunteer in the online campaign, reports on the actions organised by young people and youth organisations in Tbilisi, Georgia with the occasion of the European Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime on 22 July 2013.

The campaign No Hate Speech Movement, initiated and organized by the Council of Europe, has invited all national campaign committees, coordinators and youth organizations to organize local actions to commemorate the victims of hate crime. Georgian School Students Unions Alliance with the support of the Analytical Center for Interethnic Cooperation and Consultations, Youth Organization Phrani and Tolerance Sources Caucasus has organized two offline actions: a  small demonstration and an informational training seminar open for all those interested. These offline actions were upported by the governmental and non-governmental structures: on-governmental organizations, Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs of Georgia and schools from Tbilisi.

Activists gathered on the main street of Tbilisi at 12:00 pm, 22nd July 2013, with red and black balloons to commemorate the victims of hate crime. The activists moved from the start point to Parliament’s old building near the Freedom Square in Tbilisi. In the way activists spread informational leaflets about 22nd July, there was included all information about 22nd July, to raise awareness about of the people about European Action day for the victims of hate crime. Also activists had big banners with the slogans: European Action Day for the Victims of Hate Crime, Wipe out Hate, No Hate and etc. Slogans were written in 3 languages: Georgian, English and Russian because of the people living in Georgia.

Near the Parliament’s building was planned one moment of silence in honor of the victims of hate crime. After moment of silence activists let their balloons in the air to commemorate every person who has become a victim of hate in our region and around the world. The information training seminar in the conference venue of the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs of Georgia. Representative of Georgian School Students Unions Alliance, with the educational support of European Organizations, held informational training seminar for every interested person with the support of the campaign’s national coordinator and deputy chair person of the youth department of the Ministry. During the informational training-seminar  was presented the Council of Europe’s campaign No Hate Speech Movement and European Action Day for the Victims of Hate Crime.  Presentations were prerequisite of the discussion which was held during the informational training-seminar. During the discussion point of issue was the problem of hate crime and participants talked about possible ways to deal with this problem. Also there was presented online and offline possible tools to combat hate crime.

Also participants talked about the future plans to raise awareness of the people about important issues. So in these days we will start online video advocacy campaign for peoples. Firstly we are going to make videos to explain what exactly hate speech is and why we are fighting against it. Moreover for the first video we are looking for the minority representatives to record no hate in English, Russian, Assyrian, Ossetian, Abkhaz, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kurdish and Polish languages.

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