8 April, 2016

8 April: A Piece of Puzzle by Denisa Samková

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On the occasion of the International Romani Day on April 8 members of Roma youth networks, Roma students and activists were invited to share their thoughts, recent experiences or ideas connected to Roma identity, their work or studies. The aim is to raise the awareness of the wider public about issues that concern young Roma nowadays. We hope that you will find the articles motivating. The authors were inspired by their everyday impression and challenges they are facing in their activism. At the same time they also bring positive messages on this nice and celebratory day. For more check 8 April: International Roma Day Blog post

3A Piece of Puzzle by Denisa Samková

 „I wish that there will be many Romani young people finding their pieces of puzzle in order to live a decent life“

I am Denisa Samková and I am a Romani coming from Slovakia. I live in a little village on the east of Slovakia and I study law in Bratislava. We will be celebrating the 8th of April in a few days as the International Roma Day and I personally will be celebrating one more thing. It is exactly three years ago that I wrote a reflection about who I was and what did it mean to me to be a Romani. One of the things that I mentioned about me was that my dream was to be a human rights lawyer. In that time I was in France doing a voluntary service project and preparing for the entrance exams to the oldest and the best university with a law department in Slovakia. So many doors were open for me in that time, but I dreamt to enter only this one – a door to my class where I could learn about all these concepts of justice and to be proud of myself, because I would be doing something meaningful and going into the direction where I want to go. It was not always easy. When I was younger my parents used to tell me that it is not good to have so many plans and dreams, because there is a risk of being disappointed and unhappy. I knew exactly why they were saying it. It was not because they did not wish for me to be a lawyer, to be successful and satisfied, but it was because they experienced discrimination and prejudices due to their Romani origin when they were my age and trying to get a good education. This is still the problem of many talented young Romani people also today and my parents did not want to see me disappointed. Somehow I have never accepted this idea to give up on my dreams and goals and I felt like I could be even a president of the country if I wanted to be. And look at me today – I am already in my 2nd grade at the Law Department of Comenius University in Bratislava.

The idea that led me to write about all of this is very simple. I believe that life is like a puzzle and you need to work on it your whole life. You need to have an idea of what the final picture should look like and then you need to match the right pieces together and see if they match in your picture or if you need to change your strategy.

A piece of puzzle called „law school“ was one of the most important pieces I needed to have in my puzzle picture to continue. I wish that there will be many Romani young people finding their pieces of puzzle in order to live a decent life, because many times the reality looks differently and such a common thing for others like having a good education is not accesible to many Romani people and they are not in the conditions to improve it. We need to work together, to unite and give to our case a strong voice on all the levels. What it is about your Romani identity that you celebrate? Maybe that is also a good question to ask and I leave this question open, because for many of us, young Romani people this can mean something else. I believe there are many things connecting us and this is something that gives me power and I hope it gives also power to you,wherever in the world when you are reading this reflection.

O Del t’avel savore Romenca

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