7 April, 2016

8 April: International Roma Day

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The 8th of April is International Roma Day, established in 1990 the day is widely celebrated in all countries where the 12 million European Roma live. 2016 also marks the 45th anniversary of the 1st World Romani Congress, held near London during which the Roma flag and the Roma anthem were adopted.

8 April is a day to celebrate diversity and especially Romani culture and its Identity. It is also a moment to reflect on and take action against the hate speech targeting Roma, which is a manifestation of the wide-spread antigypsyism that Roma and Travellers in Europe are still subject to! A day to reflect on the treats antigypsyism poses to the values of inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue, solidarity and human dignity for everybody in Europe.

Speak up for Roma Dignity, for human dignity, for human rights for all.

For more information:

Read blog entries of young Roma from all over Europe on the No Hate Speech Blog

On the occasion of the International Romani Day on April 8 members of Roma youth networks, Roma students and activists were invited to share their thoughts, recent experiences or ideas connected to Roma identity, their work or studies. The aim is to raise the awareness of the wider public about issues that concern young Roma nowadays. We hope that you will find the articles motivating. The authors were inspired by their everyday impression and challenges they are facing in their activism. At the same time they also bring positive messages on this nice and celebratory day.

„I wish that there will be many Romani young people finding their pieces of puzzle in order to live a decent life“ from A Piece of Puzzle by Denisa Samková

„One of the biggest opportunities that you can get out of life is to go to school and that there are people who believe in us.“from Education: hard work, but nothing is impossible by Leila Lázár

“Expressing disagreement with hate speech does not have to be something complicated.”  from Hate speech against Roma and its assimilation into political discourse in Europe by Orsolya Szabó, from the organisation Phiren Amenca

 We can do it! Better, faster, harder…!!! by  Mustafa Jakupov


The Council of Europe and Roma Youth:

In March 2016 the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted the Thematic Action Plan on the Inclusion of Roma and Travellers. Meanwhile the Joint Council on Youth of the Youth Department agreed on the strategic orientations and approaches of the next Roma Youth Action Plan. Read more on the commitment to the participation and inclusion of Roma young people in the blog post. Or visit the site of the Roma Youth Action Plan and the Council of Europe site on Roma and Travellers


Training and education resources related to Roma rights:

New online educational tool: Roma Youth Participation in Action! – On the occasion of the International Roma Day the Roma Youth Action Plan of the Youth Department is promoting its new study that focuses on Roma youth participation practices and approaches. The aim of this tool is to provide examples of projects and initiatives that exist and thrive across Europe in order to challenge the existing prejudice related to Roma youth participation but also to inspire any organisation or project that seeks to concisely and critically promote participatory practice for the benefit of the Roma communities.

Mirrors a manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education is available in English and French. The first human rights education manual for young people on combating antigypsyism – racism and discrimination against Roma is designed to empower 16 to 30 year olds to tackle individual and institutional racism against Roma, the manual provides educators, teachers, trainers and youth organisations with comprehensive educational activities for groups of all types; those with or without Roma participants, as well as mixed groups.

Barabaripen – Young Roma speak about discrimination
An awareness-raising and educational tool on the topic of multiple discrimination. It includes life stories of nine young Roma affected by multiple discrimination across Europe; analysis of the mechanism of discrimination and strategies of young people use in oder to tack it; educational activities with young people using the life stored and background material.

Right to Remember – A Handbook for Education with Young People on the Roma Genocide
The publication is a self-contained educational resource for all those wishing to promote deeper awareness of the Roma Genocide and combat discrimination.


Campaign Events for 8 April:

Online campaign events can be followed on:

Offline Campaign events are announced on:


Report Hate Speech targeting Roma on Hate Speech Watch

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