6 October, 2014

A “book” view on the Living Library

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Session of the Parliamentary Assembly, October 2014Session de l'Assemblée Parlementaire, octobre 2014Written by  Lina Toumi

I think one of the causes of hate speech lies in the fact that people do not speak to each other. We are all in our own bubbles, thinking our way of life is the right one. The Living Library allows us to challenge our views and open up to people who might have a completely biased view on who you are. In my case, I realised people in general do not know that I can think for myself and can make choices about my life. By simply talking for 20 minutes, the reader realises that in fact we are quite similar, have the same worries, the same hopes and that we just do not express it the same way! As a book, the experience taught me that we all just really need to learn about each other. We do not agree on everything and this is completely fine, but by knowing what the person in front of you actually thinks, it becomes easier to respect them and avoid any type of hateful behaviour. I think getting out of your comfort zone and confronting your views with the person who have prejudice against is a difficult but necessary step to reach peace.

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