9 May, 2016

Action Days 2016

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Menno Ettema
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The Action Days mobilise the national campaigns and European partners of the No Hate Speech Movement in joint activities on specific forms or targets of hate speech. Each Action Day has a programme of activities prepared with the online activists in co-operation with the national campaign co-ordinators and European partners.

In their 10th meeting on 12-13 April in Strasbourg the Follow-Up Group adopted the calendar of action days for 2016 and their thematic focus.


8 March: Action Day Against Sexist Hate Speech

On this Action Day the campaign will take action and raise awareness about the damaging impact of online sexist hate speech on our democratic society and the equal participation of women in all aspects of live, including in the media, political and social space.


20 June: Action Day rejecting Hate Speech targeting Refugees

Refugees should not be the target of hate speech it only adds to their personal tragedies. Hate speech also prevents seeking effective and consensual measures to help and support them in the host societies. Reinforcing hateful statements and hate speech targeting Refugees not only blocks the possibilities to engage in dialogue but also clouds us from seeing other factors that contribute to the challenges but also solutions for the problems in Europe.

The Action Day calls for a wide and systematic reaction and condemnation of Hate Speech targeting Refugees. Debating how to best support and integrate refugees and respond to concerns of host communities following the refugee crisis has to be done without hate speech and with respect of the dignity and human rights of refugees and asylum seekers.


22 July: European Day for support of victims of hate crime

This Action Day aims to give voice to the victims and targets of hate crime at local and national level and express solidarity with them. To raise public awareness as to the existence of hate crime, and to its causes (racism, discrimination and intolerance; along with other connected phenomena such as hate speech) as well as its consequences at society level. A main activity for the Action day is the call for the establishment of the European Day. And organisation of offline events that aim to raise awareness, commemorate or educate young people.


9 November: Action Day against anti-Semitic hate speech.

Antisemitic hate speech in Europe today is taking on new forms, new messages and is on the rise. Antisemitic hate speech is increasingly less recognised and denounced as hate speech. On the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism, the Action Day aims to raise awareness of new faces of antisemitic hate speech in Europe and how to address it through education and joint action against racism and antisemitism online.


10 December: Action Day for Human Rights online

On the International Human Rights Day the Action Day aims to raise awareness among internet users how their human rights apply online and mobiles them to speak up for  their human rights. During the action day the Council of Europe work on Internet Governance will be explained and discussions on the youth perspective on Internet Governance will be facilitated.


In addition to the Action Days the European secretariat will also give attention to other topics of the campaign by supporting campaign partners and national committees that decide to organise events on other international dates. Among others we envision to highlight through the newsletter and social media platforms: 17 May on Homo, Bi and trans- phobia hate speech and 21 September on Hate Speech motivated by Islamophobia and Intolerance towards diversity of religions.

For more information on the action days and how to join visit the campaign platform or email the secretariat at youth.nohatespeech@coe.int

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