29 November, 2016

Action Days 2017

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Menno Ettema
9 pm

The Action Days mobilise the national campaigns and European partners of the No Hate Speech Movement in joint activities on specific forms or targets of hate speech. Each Action Day has a programme of activities prepared in co-operation with the national campaign co-ordinators, online activists and campaign partners.

In their 11th meeting on 20-21 October in Strasbourg the Follow-Up Group adopted the calendar of action days for 2017 and their thematic focus, they are:

  • 7 February – Safer Internet Day to promote Media literacy and human rights education, including Bookmarks.
  • 8 March – Action Day to counter sexist hate speech
  • 22 July – Action Day in support of victims of hate crime
  • 21 Sept – Action day countering hate speech targetting Muslims
  • 9 Nov – Action Day countering Antisemitic hate speech
  • 10 Dec. – Action Day for human rights online and the marking of the campaign last action day.

The European secretariat will also pay attention to other days. These are not Action Days but national campaigns and partners are warmly invited to also raise awareness of these extra days. They are:

  • 17 May – International Day against Homo, Bi and trans- phobia
  • 20 June – World Refugee Day
  • 2 August – Day of Remembrance for the Roma Holocaust
  • 3 December – International Day for Persons with a Disability

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