9 March, 2018

Activities of the Armenian Campaign

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Campaign Activist
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By Nelli Gishyan

Below some updates from the educational programs that are still actively on the process, where the NHSM Campaign or the topic of human rights education online and offline is on and the NHSM Campaign, is in the core and very much highlighted.

  1. We have finalized the Training Course Taking actions through counter and alternative narratives – HATE SPEECH IS NOT AN OPTION! https://goo.gl/j91z3i very successfully. During the TC the manual WE CAN was the main educational tool and all the methods of the activities were developed on the phases and the steps of the manual. It is worthy to mention that it was the first time to have the manual as a methodological tool to make the workshops – analyse the news, to define the content and narrative and based on the latter make a counter constructive argument or alternative narrative to combat the hate speech. As a course trainer, I need to admit that the WE CAN manual is a very strong educational tool for the development of the critical thinking and media literacy. The project was implemented by IMPRESS NGO and the trainers were former National Campaign Coordinator of Turkey Mustafa Gundoglu and current National Campaign Coordinator of Armenia Nelli Gishyan. Please check here for a short report with pictures.
  1. 19-27 March 2018 in Leichester, United Kingdom there is going to be held another Erasmus + Training Course “Freedom of expression: the right or the duty?”. The hosting organization is Global Hands CIC in cooperation of De Montfort University (info pack is attached to the current email). The trainers of the TC are going to be  Mustafa Gundoglu and Nelli Gishyan. During the latter the European Action Week Against Racism is going to be celebrated, as well as all the thematic focus is the freedom of expression vs hate speech and NHSM Campaign.
  1. The NCC of the NHSM in Armenia hosted guests from the Training Course “NO HATE”, making a presentation of the Campaign and showing the work done during the last years: https://goo.gl/NHUU7r
  1. The Turkish team of young journalists/researchers will soon arrive to NCC of NHSM Armenia for a two week program sponsored from Hrant Dink foundation: https://hrantdink.org/en/
  1. The biker from Croatia Goran Bence made a one year tour on his bike, aiming to advertise his small city in Croatia which is Daruvar, while meantime he aimed to spread solidarity among nations from Europe to Asia and spreading the voice of no hate. On his bike he had pins and stickers of the NHSM Campaign and made a long tour as a peaceful action: https://www.facebook.com/NHSMARMENIA/

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