20 February, 2018

Activities of the Italian Campaign

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By Alessanda Coppola

The Italian No Hate Speech Campaign is off to a good start of 2018 after the successful Action Days against Cyberbulling. The Action Days saw events all over Italy with participants from dozens of cities and villages. We are currently in the evaluation phase; preparing the general report including online and offline activities realised, stakeholders involved and visibility reached.

Added to that, the 4 days of institutional meetings and events in Rome were very productive:

  • On the 6th of February we participated in the Telefono Azzuro event organised at the Ministries Council Presidency – Palazzo Chigi. After this event we joined the event organised by the MIUR (Ministry of Education University and Research). There we had a conversation with Minister Fedeli about including counter-narrative techniques from We CAN in ministerial initiatives in schools;
  • On the 8th we were present at the meeting of the Permanent advisory group for combatting hate crime and hate speech of the Ministry of Justice. We were positively surprised that they suggested our We CAN as tool to be used and we informed them that a new updated version is available. Als on this occasion we spoke with the minister about the usage of counternarratives;
  • The day after was the day of our event “Giovani Connessi” at Spazio Europa, the place of the permanent representation of the EU in Italy. Around 70 students were present. With them we shared letters from the ministers of education and justice. Ms Silvestini, from the Youth Department, and representatives from the Equal Opportunities Department and the National Youth Forum were there with us. As part of the Action Days, our team implemented an educational activity from Bookmarks.

Now the Italian campaign is in the process of:

  • Preparing for next Action Days against Racist and Xenophobic Hate Speech 16-21.03.2018;
  • Preparing the Training Course “HRe-activism against Hate Speech” that will take place in Reggio Calabria 17-22.03.2018, including a public event for 21.03.2018 and involving 12 countries from the Campaign;
  • Preparing a possible future Training Seminar.

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