15 December, 2017

Activity “Love Human Rights” in Cyprus

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Category: Human Rights, human trafficing
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3 pm

On the 12th of December Todi Bankole, an activist of the No Hate Speech Movement in Cyprus organised an offline activity for the Action Day the UCLan University in Cyprus. This event included a bake sale, short information sessions as well as activities on human rights throughout the course of the day. Also, during the event, various students and members of staff described what human rights meant to them which was created into a collage on a flipchart. In addition, there was musical performance by the Music Society of the University. The proceeds from the event will be donated to the Freedom Dolls Initiative (FDi) which is an organisation that raises awareness on sexual exploitation and cares for survivors of human trafficking. See some of the moment of the event below.  AD11AD22AD13 AD12 AD13 AD14 AD16AD19AD18

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