5 September, 2017

AlterNarrative: a project to help creating an effective reaction

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Category: Action against hate content., Combating online hate, counter narrative
Menno Ettema
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Alternarrative Belgium 2By Bert Pieters

Together with us, a lot of people shout out #NoHate. But… lots of people still have questions: what can we do against hate speech we hear or read? How can an individual do something against hate speech? Isn’t it better not to react because you won’t change a hater’s mind? What is an effective reaction?  …

4 organizations of the Flemish No Hate Speech Movement joined forces for the project AlterNarrative. The goal was to create some short term incentives to help people recognize hate speech (is everything offensive hate speech?) and to help them create effective counter and alternative narratives. Off course: based on the expertise in the NHSM and the We CAN! a manual on taking action on hate speech through counter and alternative narrative.

  1. A chatbot discussing with you what you can do about online haYou can add our chatbot (a computer programm simulating a conversation) to your Messenger friends. It will show you some (subtle) examples of hate speech and will ask you to help creating a counter narrative.
    The goal is to raise awareness among young people of the various forms of hate speech and challenge them to DO something about it.
  2. Key questions you should ask yourself before reacting
    Before creating a reaction, one should ask oneself: what do I want to achieve? Do I want to change a hater’s mind? Do I want to show support to victims? Do I want to show there ar other opinions that the one of the hater?
    We bundled the most important questions on a poster. This poster is the basis of our training.
  3. A two-hour training for teachers and youth workers We created a two-hour training for teachers and youth workers. In these two ours Alternarrative Belgium 1we let them experience the effect of hate speech and let them formulate effective responses to it (with the help of the key questions on the poster). With these experience they might be able to react to hate speech to hear or see AND they have a tool to help young people to formulate effective reactions as well.



AlterNarrative will be launched September 23th during the Flemish Peace Week.

AlterNarrative is a project of Mediawijs, Tumult, Mediaraven and ORBIT, with the support of the Flemish Ministries of Media and Welfare.

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