15 December, 2014

Always in campaign

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Gubaz Koberidze
7 pm

unnamedLooking into the deep meaning of the Human Rights Declaration we can realize both how much has been already done, and how much need to be done in the time ahead. This paradox is stimulating since make us understand that fight for Human Rights will be forever needed. Our honored president Violeta Friedman, as a survivor of Auschwitz, as a fighter against Nazism and as a Human Rights activist taught us a lot from her own traumatic experience of being both victim and survivor, and about the responsibility to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and guaranty a future of fundamental rights.

The lesson was always clear: “Never take Democracy for granted”, never take Human Rights accomplish for granted”. Generation after generation new threats emerges, new and old forms of hatred are there stalking the progress made and trying to defeat the values of tolerance.

That lesson we learnt from Violeta make us to put all our energy in our daily work assisting victims of hate crimes; fighting for their rights at Court in front of all kind of organized haters, lecturing at school with teenagers, or gathering data on hatred and intolerance in the Internet. What one activist can achieve in one single day could be historic in terms of protection of the essence and values of Human Rights. Having that vision improves the impact of your actions. Hate speech is like scars in the Human Rights Declaration.

Our contribution to the No Hate Speech Movement always tried to keep alive a vision of what it is on stake because sometimes a small cut in a finger could produce death so a permanent fluid of hatred could produce the same result to the whole system of Human Rights. “Always in campaign” would be the best way to define what Movement against Intolerance really is.

The challenges that we face in our society are multiple and when it comes to hate and intolerance are complex and in permanent evolution. Even there is a security problem for the activists who descend to the theater of operations to confront it. This is why is so important to have solid and unbreakable pillars to hold on our vision and mission. And that pillars are the Declaration of Human Rights which summarize in its 30 articles the best of the human conscience. That efforts of ethical fusion of the thoughts from 5 continents acting together to protect human dignity is probably the tipping point of our evolution as specie. The moment in which human race took conscience as a whole of its unbreakable unity.


Movement against Intolerance

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