7 October, 2016

Antisemitism Today: Call for articles and stories

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9novemberThe No Hate Speech Movement is calling for articles and stories for the Action Day countering Antisemitic Hate Speech that will take place on the 9th November 2016

The Movement is calling for written articles, short essays and stories or video messages in connection to antisemitic hate speech online and offline. We look for articles, short essays or video messages

  • that challenge hateful statements and hate speech targeting Jewish people and all those who speak up against Antisemitism today,
  • that introduce people who have been or who are combating antisemitism today or in the past in their local community or in their country,
  • that introduce examples of good practices and successful counter narratives that can challenge antisemitic hate speech and hate content both online and offline,
  • that provide solutions for the problems generated by antisemitism, and shows the risks these Human Rights violations impose on our democratic communities.

Through the written or video content you can  stand in solidarity with Jewish people and all those working to make our world a more inclusive and respectful. The contribution can be your opinion, or your personal story or presenting some existing practice. The content should not be longer than two word pages or 3 minutes video message including images and shall be written/spoken in English or French.

If you have an idea that is in line with the above objectives and based on the above guidelines, please write your article or record your video message and send it to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com by the 7th November 2016.  Selected articles and video messages (with reference to the author) will be published on the Action Day on 9th November 2016 on the Blog of the No Hate Speech Movement website and its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter).


The context of the Action Day

The Action Day will be organised on the occasion of the “Kristallnacht” that commemorates the darkest parts of Europe’s history when the Nazis staged violent pogroms — state sanctioned riots — against the Jewish communities of Germany, Austria, and the Sudetenland. Present day antisemitism expressions by politicians and in mainstream online media are often less obvious and blatantly targeting Jewish communities as a whole. However myths and conspiracy theories about Jewish influence on world affairs are continually invoked by populist movements when criticizing established institutions, media companies and charities that work in the area of non discrimination and promotion of Human Rights.

Antisemtic hate speech is also often invoked in relation to the war in Syria and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. While criticism of a government’s policy and conduct vis-a-vis other countries or communities should be subject to critical review and criticism. A entire religious community in Europe cannot be seen as a synonym and held to account for the actions of a foreign government. Such an approach also does not reflect the diversity within and between the Jewish communities take into account the diversity of opinions held by Jewish people across Europe.

The internet has provided new platforms for antisemitic hate speech to evolve and spread, commenting on present day challenges with quick fix solutions that single out minority groups as the problem to be dealt with. Such rhetorics build on preexisting stereotypes about such minority groups, be it Jewish, Roma, Gay, disabled or any other group that is deemed inferior. The spread of such rhetorics online allow for stereotypes to spread to new regions. Antisemitic hate speech might not have a long tradition in some communities in Europe but with the internet dangerous stereotypes are allowed to spread if gone unchecked. The No Hate Speech Movement therefore will organise a Action Day on 9 November to awareness about the rise of antisemitism, extreme nationalism and the dangers these movements represent to the European society.

Objectives of the Action Day will be to raise awareness about the rise of antisemitism, extreme nationalism and the dangers these movements represent to the European society, to call for action against antisemitic hate speech online and offline, and to provide positive counter narratives that promote Human Rights and a more inclusive, tolerant society, to educate about the manifestations of antisemitism and their impact on democracy and peace and to celebrate those people who speak up and act in favor of the targeted.

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  1. Aleksandra Markov

    I strongly support any action aimed at raising awareness of the need to respect diversities and combating all forms of discrimination.


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