9 November, 2014

Arbeit macht frei!

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evWritten by Envera Suljic

My name is Word. I live everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, in all colours, races, religions and nations, but still the same. I bring a lot of good, but many do not respect me, so I bring a portion of evil too. You know the thing: ‘Nice word opens every door’, that pairs up with ‘Tongue is a two sided sword’. And even these parts that you are reading now are me. The more beautiful, merciful and willing to work on change, development, peace, equality and respect to those different. However, I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about one part of me, word hatred. You know what is that, right? Like, Hitler people remembered to delete and clean all dirty peaces of this world. Or now new Hitler people (and alikes) using tech to spread the same ideas. How blessed we are to have them! (Oh, stop making faces! You know as well as me that this is not true.)

The thing I want to present to you is how Hitler introduced holocaust in our lives and at the end you’ll see why am I talking about this.

As I mentioned above, this is presenation of Hitler’s idea of world clean of dirtyness and useless population. He used many things to justify everything him and his followers were doing, so lets go at the source of everything, to a small peace of me called holocaust. He was born in Greece with mother ‘olo‘ and father ‘kauston‘ (olokauston is a greek word that means completely burnt). The meaning of life for these two creatures was complete burnout of sacrafices to gods or dead people in Greece and Rome. Second family line comes from Israel and has hebrew name olam kalil– destruction by fire. Misfortune (human or mine for misusage) is that holocaust became famous due to second family line. Not because they became the best linguists, but because they almost completely dissapeared. Here is the story of how it all happened:

One man who was used to be called Adolf Hitler decided to safe world from its indecent inhabitants. Since he needed followers and supporters he used me to get them (but karma’s bi**h he forgot and I charged him so high!). so in 1939 he decided to start with Poland and to go ahead with cleaning. I wished so many times that he loved nature more and that he focused on cleaning planet and saving it from global warming. It’s on our doorsteps. It’s coming! Still, Mr. Hitlery loved me so much that he added another word to his work, nation- socialism. This meant that all slavic people will become slaves and Jews will be destroyed, slaghtered. Like completely! Stop! Finish! Halt! Dur!

And he was inovative too. Cruely inovative! Different concentration camps (Auschwitz, Baden- Baden), gas rooms (geting in hoping for showering and gettign gas instead) and other types of torture, excruciation and killing of human dignity resulted with holocaust and death of more than 6 million Jews. World, especially Europe, changed a lot after this. The total number was between 9- 11 millions, but with some extimations that the real number reaches 26 milions.

So the question you might ask is: what is the role of The Word here? See, holocaust was comitted by one develped and rich country lead by Hitler, but the thing that helped him most is his ability to use me. To use me perfectly to reach anything he dreams of! Sure, silence of those who thought differently made things worse. Silence of good people and eloquence of evil is the worst possible combination.

And that is the reason why I, A Word, am writing this to you. I started to create new forms of me so I would be able to help and revenge. Equality, tolerance and cohabitation, love, right to be different are all forms of my revenge for evil he did using me. The problem is that I cannot do it alone! I need someone to breates life in me and to spread me all over the world, to give me and to these words definition and meaning.

And that is why I am asking you, begging you, dear reader, remember those who were different and who died because of it and do everything you can so that thing would repeat never again. Because, if we want to create a world where everyone would be the same, we would have to leave only one man living.

So next time you see someone talking sh** online say something! Speak up! Make your voice visible anyhow becasue if you keep silent no one is giving you a guarantee that next Hitler won’t come with focus on destruction of your racial/ religous/ national/ ethnical group.


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