19 June, 2016

Blame the weakest!

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blame1Written by Sebastian Zonja

We have a lot to do!

If  you don’t have success in your life, just find a refugee or Asylum Seeker and blame for everything. Blame him or her for not finding a job, for cultural reasons, for social problems in your country , and other things. But why? Is he/she so different from you and me so we can build such stereotypes?

When i interviewed some youngsters from Eritrea seeking asylum in Germany i was shocked how dangerous their journey was. Nearly of each group of youngsters leaving the country only half made it to the point of reaching the borders of Europe. Some of them had left their friends, or family members, lying dead in the deserts or while travelling by boat from Libya to Italy many died of asphyxiation. I had heard such stories only while here in Albania was the communist era. And both of them, the Eritrean and Albanians, left their country for a better life. Not all those seeking to come to Europe are fleeing for their lives; a good proportion is seeking work and opportunity.

Have you ever gone to ask a refugee of the journey he/she had to reach the destination? Or, what was the purpose of the Syrians for leaving their country? They are not just “the others” we know something is happening in their country and that’s all. That’s where the hater comes from sometime, from looking at the differences more than what connects us, and jumping to conclusions before asking.  They might have different culture, but what is the definition of culture when you google it? Wikipedia, Merriam Webster, Oxford Dictionary have all different explanations for that, but the main thing that connects all this is “complexity”. Culture isn’t a solid rock that you take it in your pocket and show it wherever you go. It has it dynamics on connecting generations and embracing diversity. I would like to quote  Mahatma Gandhi “ A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. And we have a lot to do to help them, not only the government has the duty of helping.

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” Mother Theresa

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