15 November, 2013

Born to be No Hate Ninja?

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Category: Activism
Viktor Szabados
5 pm

A very surprising and interesting approach by the No Hate Ninjas is to spread all around the web a basic understanding of hate speech. They share important messages against all forms of discrimination, which can come under the definition of hate speech. To do this the No Hate Ninjas will publish one powerful meme every day with a message against hate speech.

The first No Hate Ninja action started on 9th November which is the European Action Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism (see the No Hate Speech Conference’s flash mob on 9 November ) . The No Hate Ninjas are activists of the Portuguese Network of Young People for Gender Equality and PAR – Social Answers. Learn more about the No Hate Ninja Project here.


Here are some of the memes the No Hate Ninjas have created so far:





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