25 June, 2017

Call for action on 22nd July 2017

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22july_logo_300No hate speech = less hate crimes!

Each year on 22nd July the No Hate Speech Movement is organising the Action Day for Victims of Hate Crimes with the help of its national campaign teams, activists and partner organisations in order to commemorate and expresses solidarity with the victims of hate crime.

In summer there are many festivals, youth camps, youth exchanges, and youth projects that can provide very good opportunities to organise some joint actions,  to run an educational activity or to simply address the issue of hate crimes and hate speech with young people in an open debate. The Movement is inviting you to consider this opportunity. Below we provide some ideas and hints.


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YOU CAN organise a commemoration event in your community to remember those who have fallen victims of hate crime in the past years;

YOU CAN organise an educational activity to raise awareness of young people and those who work with young people (youth workers, youth organisations, teachers, parents, etc.) on what hate crime is, its causes and consequences, especially the connection with hate speech, how to support victims, how to prevent it (you can use the Bookmarks Manual which is full of great exercises);

YOU CAN organise an awarenes raising event: a flashmob, a Living Library, a Silent Witness exhibition and many other things to support the community discuss and uncover the issue of hate crime and hate speech;

YOU CAN advocate at national and local level for legal measures, for reporting, for investigation, for awareness, for political commitment by contacting and addressing politicians;

YOU CAN support and give the space to the victims to speak or write and share their story, stories can be uploaded and shared on the No Hate Blog;

YOU CAN join one of our recommended online actions

YOU CAN follow the Action Day on 22nd July on the Facebook Page or on Twitter @nohate_speech #nohatespeech

YOU CAN give visibility to your action or activity by writing a short blog post and publish here, or just share a photo of your event here.

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