17 November, 2016

Call for content promoting Human Rights Online

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ead-logoHuman Rights Day is celebrated each year on 10 December on the occasion of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948.  The No Hate Speech Movement is organising an Action Day promoting Human Rights and countering hate speech online on the 10th December.  The Action Day will aim to counter hate speech through actions that empowers people with better understanding of Human Rights and of the impact of hate speech on Human Rights of all of us.

For this the Movement is inviting national campaign teams, activists, educators, journalists and followers to contribute with content that is in line with the objectives of the Action Day. If you are interested to contribute to the success of the Action Day you can consider writing an article, a short essays, making a video message, a visual image, a meme or any other online content that can be shared during the Action Day.

The content should be in line with one or more of theses objectives

  • to denounce and highlight hate speech as violations and abuse of human rights, by singling out and explaining how hate speech undermines universal human rights,
  • to mobilize young people to stand up for Human Rights of individuals and groups targeted by online hate speech, to replace ignorance with reaction and solidarity,
  • to raise awareness about the importance of Human Rights online, and explain what it means for the Internet users, using the Council of Europe Guide for Internet Users
  • to promote Human Rights education tools that can empower young people how to prevent, counter and argue against hate speech when they are targeted or when they witness it,
  • to produce and share counter narratives for different hate speech patterns, giving arguments against hate speech and devaluing hate speech patterns in general,
  • to give visibility and celebrate people that speak up for Human Rights of others, counter hate speech online and offline, in the past and today,

For more details about the concept of the Action Day you can read this blog post “Hate speech is not an opinion“. Please send the content to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com until 6th December 2010. If you have any question you can also send it to the same address.


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