2 November, 2015

Call for memes and creative images

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Create a meme or image and make your idea spread through the Internet!

The No Hate Speech Movement European is organising a European Action Day for Human Rights Online to celebrate the International Human Rights Day (10 December).  This is your chance to take action for human rights respect both online and offline. The specific focus of the Day shall be advocating for better actions to safeguard Human Rights online and combating hate speech by social media companies, online game providers, Internet providers and Internet users. The Action Day content will be based on the Council of Europe Guidelines Protecting Human Rights on the Internet and the leaflet Your Digital Rights in Brief.

Specific objectives:

  • to combat ignorance and silence of people when facing hate speech online and supporting them to react and act in respect of Human Rights online by providing information and guidelines about possible actions they can easily do themselves,

  • to advocate for more effective involvement of social media companies, online game providers, Internet service providers in combating hate speech and promoting Human Rights online,

Guidelines: The Movement is calling for creative images and memes that express the importance of respecting human rights online, or reflects of the responsibility of each Internet user, or highlights the responsibility of social media, online game providers and service providers. The text on the images should be in English or French.

What is a meme in this context? In the context of the No Hate Speech Movement we consider images (photo, graphic, drawing, painting…etc) with an easily readable text on it. It can also be a motion image in GIF format or a static image any other picture format. For a general understanding you can read more about Internet meme.

If you have an idea that is in line with the above objectives and based on the above guidelines, please create the meme or image and send it to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com by the 5th December 2015.  Selected images (with reference to the author) will be published on the European Action Day for Human Rights Online on 10th December 2015 on the No Hate Speech Movement website and its social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr).

Please find here some more examples of images (made by the No Hate Ninja project).




  1. nobody

    If you truly cared about Human Rights, you’d make a big fuzz about France suspending large parts of the European Treaty on Human Rights, rather than apparently calling for (online) censorship.

  2. Alexander

    ‘No hate speech.’ I think you mean ‘nothing I dislike or find disagreeable.’ There are places for you to go whine on the internet so let people have thier places to be offensive. Free speech.


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