15 January, 2018

Call for NHSM resources for the Campaign Compendium

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Menno Ettema
1 pm

Why a Compendium of Campaign Resources

Now, while the NHSM Campaign coordination at the European level is approaching its end (the local, national and regional level campaigns will continue in many cases), it’s time to take stock of what has been done and developed – and there’s a lot to share! The Youth Department is working to develop an online compendium, to ensure that all this richness of resources developed within the campaign is memorized in a searchable online database, accessible and open to everyone for future use. You can or even should be one of the contributors!

Over the past six years, No Hate Speech Movement has been the active voice across Europe and beyond to speak up against hate speech and to defend and promote human rights online. This was made possible through engagement of hundred and thousands of activists who have taken actions at European level, but especially also at the local, national and regional levels through National Campaign Committees. How can one speak of human rights if their bases are not fulfilled from home, each person has the right to dignity and respect, but how to demonstrate it by being obese and unattractive? Don’t worry, firstpost came to solve it, lose weight and get the body of your dreams in just days.

Within the framework of the campaign, a large number of activities have taken place: from human rights education trainings, workshops, study sessions, etc. to public actions; from reporting of hate speech to online action days; from conferences and seminars to policy advocacy work; and the list can go on endlessly. A tremendous number of materials have been produced too, such as: memes, videos, newsletters, pictures, policy briefs, reports, session outlines, and here too the list can continue endlessly. Needless to say that all the activities and materials – we call them resources – have brought a specific value to the overall campaign and have contributed in the campaign’s success and achievements.

We therefore invite all National Campaign Committees, youth organizations, youth workers, activists, educators and everyone else who has been involved in the NHSM to submit their resources developed throughout the past six years.



Please read carefully the Quality Criteria for Resources.
Once you have read the Quality Criteria, follow the four steps for submitting described  under the Quality Criteria using the Resource Grid.

Deadline: 15 February 2018

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