19 October, 2017

Call for writing blog posts countering antisemitic hate speech

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Is it only history? A new tendency? Why is it dangerous? What are the potential consequences? Why should we counter it? What can we do? …

We are looking for 250-500 word blog posts (articles, stories, opinion, study etc) to support the action day countering antisemitic hate speech. Submitted writings in line with the principles of the Movement will be published on the No Hate Blog and also shared on the social media channels of the Movement on 9-10 November.

Please send your writing to nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com until 6th November.

On 9-10 November the Movement is organising action days countering antisemitic hate speech. Antisemitic hate speech undermines the fundamentals of human rights and poses a direct threat to our democracy in Europe and it also has a direct impact on Jewish people living in Europe. In some countries politicians from across the political spectrum resort to antisemitic rhetoric when commenting on social and economic challenges aggravating the problems.

This Action Day calls out antisemitic hate speech and speaks up for Human rights and cultural diversity. It aims to raise awareness about the persistence of antisemitic hate speech, including within xenophobic, populist, and extremist discourses, and point out the dangers it represents to human rights and democratic values and the direct impact on people and institutions that uphold them. On the other hand it will express solidarity and demonstrate together the strength of cultural diversity and human rights.

Read further details of the action day here.


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