4 May, 2014

Challenge Homophobia and Transphobia! Do it offline!

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NHSM_Logo (1)The No Hate Speech Movement is organising a European Action Day against Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Speech on 17 May 2014 in support of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT Day). A survey conducted by the Youth Department in 2012 shows that homophobic and transphobic hate speech is the most frequently encountered form of hate speech online. Addressing such hate speech is a cause for action for all as it reaches everybody.

One of the objectives of this Action Day is to invite young people to organise offline actions all around Europe and to experience educational activities in which they can learn about the risks of homophobia and the importance of respecting Human Rights of LGBTQI people.

For this the Movement is recommending the following actions:

Organise a Flash-Mob in the streets of your own town!

You can organise some creative event that is short and catches the attention of pedestrians in the street.  Choose a motto or a slogan that reflects well what message you want people to understand and organise a relevant action (free hugs, putting messages in luftballoons, dancing in the street, writing on a big message wall, distributing red hearts, or put a wooden box on the street and ask people stand on it say what they think about homophobia…etc.).

Think around the motto: Challenge Homophobia/Transphobia! Speak up for Human Rights!

Interview people on the street and upload these videos!

As questions like ‘what is important for you to live a good life?’ Engage in a discussion on the things coming up like family, having a god job, a partner, etc. and point out that we are equal in that we all have dreams and hopes for the future and we should all have equal opportunities to achieve them. And explain the action day and make the inequality with LGBT persons visible and ask to join the No Hate Speech Movement to stop homophobic and transphobic hate speech. www.nohatespeechmovement.org Ask them to say “I speak up for Human Rights of LGBTQI people!” in their own language.

Facilitate a non-formal education activity with a group of young people!

If you have experience in non-formal education, choose one of the following exercises and play it with your group of young people.

  • Let’s talk about sex!, My life is not a show, from (p211 and p232) of Compass (available online)

  • Picture ways out of violence (p130), We are Family(p172), based on Compasito (available online)

  • Activities from Bookmarks: Checking the facts, Saying it Worse, Freedom unlimited?, Roots and Branches, Confronting cyberbullying, Reading the rules In these activities, people confront themselves on hate speech online, understand its different forms and their impact and address anti-gay and anti-trans stereotype and prejudices. (available online)

For further offline action ideas you can visit the official website of IDAHOT.

Or organise your own creative idea and share it with us at nohatespeech.movement@gmail.com or on Facebook.

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