25 March, 2014

Combating racism, playing hard

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Gubaz Koberidze
11 am


By: Marco Greco

We all agree on the fact that racism is real, tangible and palpable. A clear example in Italy is the chants: what better exemplification of a plague that is as old as it is contemporary.

If the Greek Olympic sports could order the cessation of the war between Athens and Sparta, today is often the scene of violent clashes and battles, marked by discrimination of all kinds.

I close my eyes and think of an important basketball game played in the 1960s in America, where the white coach and team  agree that something needs to change:  in the final they will play the only African-American boys to prove to everyone that they are not only athletic and  performers , but that they hold up the pressure; they have a ” mindset ” that can take them to their final victory against the team that most exemplifies all of the purity of the breed , a team of only ” highly intelligent ” white .

I also dream about a friendship between a white boy and a black boy playing football at a high school in the early 1970s. Initially bitter enemies, then “brothers” united by a bond so strong as to involve a whole community that cannot be stopped any more by stereotypical beliefs of time, which transcend time, which is of a single color.

Just imagine, only because imagination may be, of the stories of this kind, where the sport is merely a springboard to overcome the racist overtones , a stage where the actors make free viewers , where the sport is just sport promoting tolerance , pleasure, teaching, healthy competition.

I tried it and I’ve got it all and it seems so real , so real it almost seems that these stories are not mere fantasy , a world of this kind existed , that it exists and that it is the other side of the coin of a world sporting event of violence and division , one that this time the media is more relevant.

Illusion or reality in sport is a great weapon, because it is loved by all the different cultures of the earth, and telling these stories is the key to greater tolerance. When people are aware of these events they cannot be hit by irrepressible awareness: diversity is an asset .

Even if racism is real, why not dream. My country, Italy faces discrimination in Sport almost every day. This has huge consequences on our society especially on young people.

But I am sure that using education and rational logic we can all reach a real Goal: the hard game of combating racism CAN be fought. We all should work hard on it. There’s no excuse anymore!


  1. Cesare Greco

    most times we forget we are all human!everybody needs somebody:everybody needs somebody to speak,to play,to smile to love..how can you feel alive,if you don’t share your sensations with someone?unfortunately,racism is still a big deal,not only in sport.You can feel it in everyday life.Sport can be and must be a great weapon againts racism.I love sport and it taught me so much.it should open your mind to the mankind.if you are speaking with someone far cry from you,pay attention to him becouse he could teach you so much and he could make you see something you’ve never seen,he could make you feel something you’ve never tried!love difference!

  2. laughing man

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