2 March, 2017

Counter arguments to sexist hate speech patterns

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EmmaYou can find here some typical sexist hate speech comments that can be found nowadays on the Internet. You can read the relevant counter narratives, counter arguments that can help you to react to these kind of online content.






Men deserve better. We should be complaining not these stupid sensitive bitches (women). We get called rapists a lot of the time when most of us haven’t done anything. Men being called rapist is equally as unacceptable as women being called stupid sensitive bitches; none should be condoned, there should be respect for all genders.
Trump should kill all feminist in america before terrorists. Feminists are exceptionally courageous individual who advocate for equality among the sexes, they have done a remarkable work in advancing the rights of women (e.g. the right to vote), they should be applauded for their tireless work.
Women are so dumb, be silent woman, #silencethewoman2017 According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), when more women work, economies grow. An increase in female labour force participation—or a reduction in the gap between women’s and men’s labour force participation—results in faster economic growth. Therefore, we do not need women to be silent, the participation of women is for the good of our society.
How to be a feminist:, 1) annoying high pitch voice 2) fat and don’t brush there hair 3)have glasses and horrible hair dyes 4) says f*g or rape 10 times a second. How to be a feminist: 1) Advocate for the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.
I can’t wait until all the feminists women meet someone who will slap them and tell them “well you wanted to be treated like a man”. Here is a list of some feminists: Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, John Hamm, Patrick Stewart, Seth Meyers among many others. The question is, why should they be told that they wanted to be treated like men when they are already men?
Very proud to be a F*G FEMALE WITH SENSE. These bitches (feminists) don’t have the sense god gave cows. Dear Odin, is it legal to shoot them with paintball guns at least? Because feminists also fought for freedom of expression, you now have the right to express your opinion on a platform.
How to start a pointless agreement: why should women be proud of their bodies? they shouldn’t, their bodies are made up of fat. Men are stronger than women. Get back in the kitchen women. You think people want to rape you, you feminists literally DREAMED of being raped. How to start an argument: Speak up against misogyny, sexism and gender based violence.


  1. Tenneh Amara

    I understand that this was an example, but wasn’t very accurate, real, or sensible. You are making this example way to overboard in the style where it seemed like you believe people (sexist commenters) are brain dead and only think a certain obnoxious way. The definition of sexist is relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex, so adding things about femism didn’t make much sense to me.

    • Community Manager (Post author)

      Thank you for the comments. These are just examples. I will inform our activist who wrote this blog post so that she can also get into dialogue with you. Your ideas are more than welcome and we are very open to publish further examples and recommendations for countering sexist hate speech. So please let us know if you are willing to contribute.

    • Activist

      Hi Tenneh,

      Firstly, these are actual comments from various social media outlets and not fictional samples. Therefore, it was not the intention of this post to portray sexist commenters as being obnoxious or ‘brain dead’, it was simply to show various sexist comments and possible counter-narratives. With that being said, views on sexists or sexist commenters are subjective hence, some people are actually of the opinion that being sexist is being obnoxious to put it lightly. On another hand, some are of the opinion that sexists possess many other characteristics or could even be reasonable while being sexist; as stated earlier, it is subjective.

      Secondly, regarding feminism, feminism is the advocacy of gender equality in regards to women. Therefore, finding feminism in sexist comments is not unusual. Unfortunately, most sexists attribute feminism to women (and they are not entirely wrong for this) therefore, they attack feminism with the intention of being prejudicial towards women on the basis of their sex and this is in fact sexism.

      Lastly, your comment and input is very much appreciated and it was pleasure to read about your opinion. Continue to engage in discussions on sexism because it will raise more awareness on the issue. Thank you and have a great day.

  2. Tenneh Amara

    Thank you for your response, I was checking out this website for a school project, I’m doing hate speech and anti-war and gladly knowing that sexist talk is a type of hate speech makes the work a lot easier. Also knowing that the sexist comment are real people I am much happier knowing that they are actually brain dead (mean or not) I would say the same to anyone who think that. I did paste and copy one thing from this article, but I did give credit to this certain blog/page.

  3. C. Rankin

    I’m a little late to this game (by about a year), but I found it while studying a paper so I felt compelled to say something. Especially with the #metoo movement in full swing at the moment. It seems this warrants some remark.

    The ideals and desires of a gender-equal (or gender-fair) society is a noble and desirable one. One where people are not mistreated on the basis of their gender, sexuality, race or other non-alterable characteristics. And by non-alterable, I mean things of the person you have no right to ask them to change or they are unable to change because it is not within their control. But it’s a hard topic for a reason.

    Chiefly the issue is that women and men, typically, view the world around them differently. Insults and swearing (for example) can be used between some men as ways of bonding, but is not acceptable when speaking some women. It doesn’t excuse abuse in either direction, but it’s a significant social change between the two. Similarly women are very open and communicative of their feelings and thoughts where men are reserved and quiet, choosing to relay only what they feel is absolutely pertinent. Again, generalizations abound, but are true more than not and doesn’t account for those who are different on either side.

    I believe in the idea that as a society, rather than a gender, we can seek mutual betterment across the board without exception of gender or other status, but if we only discuss half the topic we do not better the dialog. If men are asking for attention for certain topics (paternal rights for example) it would create a far better meeting of both sides if commonalities were able to be acquired together. Women and men both working on topics important to one another, rather than each clawing for their own self-interests. Until that can be the wider narrative I believe the ideas are stuck in the loop of desire with little long-term execution.

    Linked in the website to this comment template is a news article I found that exemplifies a piece of cooperation. Imperfect, I agree entirely, but it emphasizes a step in a correct direction. Where help is accepted from across ‘party lines’ instead of setting up an argument that the ‘us and them’ narrative is all that matters. We’re all human beings, and inclusiveness is the goal, not self interest. It’s why I’m a proud ally to the LGBTQ community even though I disagree with some of their organizations. People matter, not organizations, and if an organization wants to raise one person at the expense of another then I do not, and will not, support them.


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