14 June, 2017

Countering Hate Speech Targeting Refugees

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Menno Ettema
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????????????????????????????????????The No Hate Speech Movement calls for a wide and systematic reaction and condemnation of Hate Speech targeting Refugees in support of the World Refugee Day on 20 June since 2013.

Refugees should not be the target of hate speech, it only adds to their personal tragedies. Hate speech also prevents seeking effective and consensual measures to help and support them and their host societies. 20 June is an opportunity to counter the hate with accurate information, personal testimonies and stands in solidarity with refugees, asylum-seekers and all those working to make the right to asylum a reality.

The No Hate Speech Movement supports the #WithRefugees global campaign of UNHCR that calls governments to keep their promise to ensure that by 2018:

  • Every refugee child gets an education
  • Every refugee family has somewhere safe to live
  • Every refugee can work or learn new skills to support their families.

This blog provides an overview of the activities organised in 2017 and the previous years. It is a starting point to learn more on the subject, read personal testimonies and gain inspiration to take action through education and awareness raising activities.


Information and events in 2017 (continuously updated)

Bulgaria: #dreamswithoutborders

On 20 June Infinite Opportunities Association will launch 20 stories of migrants in the detention centre of Busmantsi, Bulgaria, volunteers and representatives of social groups working in the migration field. Check the #dreamswithoutborders campaign teaser.

Several activities takes place in Brussels, such as a “How to tackle racist posts on the web?” workshop (on 17 June 16:30) organized in the framework of the Citizenship Conference on Migrations (15-18 June). Program listed on the Belgian French speaking campaign website

France: On 20 June 30 local youth and refugees from Strasbourg will meet and act together on a common project – “Regards Croisés”, to create links and change perceptions on Refugees. A gallery of portraits and testimonies of refugees and volunteers opens at Lieu d’Europe in Strasbourg. The event is organized by NHSM France, Alsace Terre d’Accueil, Makers For Change and the City of Strasbourg. For more check out the event page: Regards croisés #1

Council of Europe: On 19 May 2017, the Committee of Ministers adopted the Action Plan on protecting refugee and migrant children (2017-2019). Among others, it aims to enhancing the integration of refugee children. Hate Speech targeting refugees and the narratives of intolerance and violence that it justifies, remain a barrier to integration. It also leads to fear at a time when these children and youth need acceptance and protection the most.

On 28 June the Youth Department is organising a Living Library in cooperation with the secretariat of the Committee on Migrations, Refugees and Displaced Persons of the Parlimentary Assembly of teh council of Europe. The living library will focus on the theme of Migrants and Refugees.


????????????????????????????????????Portugal:  On 27 august to 3 September the Summer School Young refugees as actors for social inclusion and intercultural dialogue invites Young refugees and Youth workers and leaders of youth and students organisations and projects directly working with refugees and supporting their social inclusion to Braga, Portugal. The activity aims to develop the capacities of young refugees as actors and agents of change in their communities. It is based on the principles of empowerment and participation of young refugees and it aims at reinforcing resilience and leadership skills. The event is Co-organised with the Global Platform for Syrian Students in cooperation with Kiron – Open Higher Education for Refugees and Voice of Young Refugees in Europe.


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