19 July, 2017


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Category: hate crime, Police, Victims of hate crime
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20227123_10155526286108838_871635848_nWill promote for the day of July 22 from 17.30 to 19.30 the event DIS – ARMANTE TO COMMEMORATE THE VICTIM OF HATE CRIME  in particular those affected by severe mental disability.

In particular, we will celebrate the life of Marcello Esposito who died two days after being shoot (12/06/2016) by a police officer. Marcello, 32 years old, was affected by a severe form of schizophrenia and was provoked by a group of young people making jokes, he reacted aggressively and people called the police. He went in Psychomotor agitation, because surrounded by police officer trying to calm him down. The protocol in Italy oblige the police to call the ambulance in those occasion, but they did not and pushed by people watching, one of the police officer decided to use the gun.

eddisThe day this happened, before Marcello died comments and posts on social media were offensive, but we managed to contact the press and also the local authorities were informed about lies written on the newspaper. The day he died one shocking post on fb said:’’ nobody will miss a crazy person!’’

What happened next demonstrated not only that he was missed, but what happened was insane and against the law. After Marcello died the Mayor of the city wrote: ‘’today all the citizens have lost , because we all lost the opportunity to involve someone who was different in our community, the same community in which he was born and he cherished with his rich life’’.

The event will involve representatives of youth organizations in the area including CNGEI scout association, students, experts in the field of mental disability and human rights, the Judo sports community, Special Olympics and other people who will be present to pay homage to Marcello’s life Esposito, one of the citizens of San Giorgio with mental disability.

ggFinally, the event intends to raise awareness of mental disability by providing some insights into Marcello’s life to remind that there is a person with his story behind every person with a disability.

The title DIS-ARMANTE comes from a Buddhist teachings “inner disarmament.” It is a time that each of us can experience in one’s life to get closer to the other. Change your point of view, focus on a new space. Open your eyes on the other. Other than me, first of all, to learn to become a person who does not face opposition, who does not seek to assert just to defend or to win, who tries to confront un-armed. Being disarmed has nothing to do with ingenuity or vagueness, but rather with the exceptional ability to dialogue without compromise, a kind of dialogue that has the power to sew the separation that exists within our own society. In order not to be afraid or to judge others, perhaps the only way is to be able to see the beauty of an individual, its infinite richness. Obviously this is a possible thing, only if I want it and available to grasp the sense of things. Disarmament is also to allow “more than me” to manifest itself through others and this is how dialogue in all its forms becomes a value-creating tool.

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