21 June, 2016

Do you understand human language?

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10Written by Matilda Salla

There is no comfortable place than feeling of home, family, sibling, nation, belonging…We all understand the significance of this feeling. We may leave home for work or any other reason, but in the end, we need to return in order to recharge from stress and negative energy of our daily life,  to give and take love from our beloved ones,  to be our really own selves. We can’t wait to return home after school or work, to have at least the diner with our family members, and while we enjoy our meal, we intensely share our daily both negative and positive experiences, and no matter how our day was, we have finally arrived at our comfortable place.

12Imagine when a war begins – as actually it’s in the Middle East- everything gets destroyed and the entire beautiful scenario disappears. The only thing that remains is the terrifying fear if the conflict can ever stop and what will happen next; the fear of surviving in the poorest condition of no water and electricity; the fear of being killed as you neighbor, your coworker, your classmate, your sibling… In the case of these conflicts, the survival instinct leaves people without any choice but to escape from that former-sacred place called home, and induces them to put the emotions and material life behind. These ongoing conflicts make people seek shelter in neighboring countries or Europe. Many of them are leaving because of violence in Syria and Afghanistan or the brutal oppression of Eritrea’s dictatorship which have caused widespread civilian’s suffering and death.

13While crossing borders by sea and walk miles along insecure routes these refugees are witnesses of women’s mourning, of children’s wail of anguish, of the terrifying orphans’ pale faces that seem like they have seen a ghost, of the youngsters that mutter under their breath, of the toughest men who can’t help it but break down and weep. They are witness of the worst scenario where “Grim Reaper” wipes out numerous people and they become the protagonist of their own tragedy.


We watch on media this horrific scenario and naturally feel sorry. We are aware of that human rights are in total contrast with their plight and it is necessary to properly address and redress the issue by authorities and by everybody but us…

The greatest fight these asylum seekers have to face is human barriers. We have our home, family, job, safe environment and the arrival of these foreigner poor people labeled as uneducated, uncivilized and terrorists, will negatively affect and destroy that kind of normal life we have.  That’s why we are reluctant to accept them. This climate of non-understanding and intolerance has a bad influence on political debates nowadays.

11We shut our minds and souls from understanding more about their human rights, about their ceaseless emotional pain in daily basis. And yet we blame them for being different and for destroying our peaceful community. We all are aware of the impact of migrant crisis, but do these refugees have another choice than fleeing the conflict? Who wants to leave a comfortable home unless there isn’t a safe place anymore and people are threatened by death? They would be doomed if they would stay there or return until things would get better.

Asylum seekers make miles of walk in suffering and misery to find a place to survive and call it home. They are knocking on the human mates’ door for some food and a shelter, for some human understanding and support. Would you open it? Do you understand human language? Do you speak love?

Hate is the one who crushes everything in this world, but love brings peace and healing to all mankind. Put yourself in their shoes and you will be able to speak human language; the language of empathy, kindness and compassion. Take action, show your solidarity and support them on their route to Europe or elsewhere. Stand up for human rights and welcome refugees.


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