7 December, 2017

Documentaries and posters stands for human rights

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Campaign Activist
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New way of sharing best practices of No Hate Speech Campaign was presented in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Once a year Kremenchuk informative-educative centre European Club hosts the 14th Traveling International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA. During a week they screen modern documentaries and initiate discussions on human rights issues.

This year the organization came up with initiative to promote materials of No Hate Ninja Project by reprinting and translating the 22 posters. Those posters were developed by Portuguese activists in 2013 in order to catch attention of young people to the importance of human rights. The posters were part of our first action. From 9th November (European Action Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism) until 10th December 2013 (Human Rights Day), No Hate Ninja published one poster every day with a message against hate speech. Among 30 posters they choose 22 to go around and spread the message. Therefore visual materials from Portugal were brought to Ukrainian reality.

The posters were exhibited in Kremenchuk city library during the film festival and became a “starter” for human rights discussions. We found out that the language of creativity and issues of hate speech are understandable despite the distance. “Pictures speak more expressive and clear then any words, they make the situation more real and get the people connected to the issue,” – says the coordinator of exhibition Alona Glazkova.

Please watch video from presentation https://youtu.be/d3y4RDavoGQ?t=34m37s

The exhibition is ready to travel around Ukraine. Organizations that are interested to host it in their city please contact Alona Glazkova via e-mail olenkoglazkova@gmail.com. The exhibition must be used in educational purposes only without any profit.

Url: https://youtu.be/d3y4RDavoGQ?t=34m37s

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