15 December, 2014

ELSA and Council of Europe – report on online hate speech

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Our partner ELSA, the European Law Students Association, which introduced together with the Council of Europe the International Legal Research Group on Online Hate Speech, has published their compiled report on hate speech online.


This Legal Research Group consisted of a group of law students and/or young lawyers carrying out  all over Europe on the topic of the implementation of the Protocol to the Budapest Convention on Xenophobia and Racism and exploring the concepts regarding online hate speech in different countries.

As the world’s largest independent law students’ association, ELSA aims to contribute to law development and legal education of law students and young lawyers and cooperation with Council of Europe on projects of this kind help to broaden the opportunities they offer.

The aim of this particular exercise was is to raise awareness in the field of online hate speech which gains an always greater presence in those societieswhich are media dominated.

You can find the report here.

Furthermore the very interesting Guidelines for Moderating Online Hate Speech “Tackling Hate Speech” are available here  or the short version “Act now – how to moderate hate speech” here

ELSA also ran an essay competition on online hate speech, won by Ethem Coban, a law student at The Hague Academy of International Law. . You can read his essay  here.

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  1. Olav Vogt Engeland

    It was a pleasure working on this project! In ELSA we have now a large number of students who now know quite a lot about the legal aspects of hate speech. Please feel free to approach us. From ELSA with law.


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