3 March, 2014

European Action Week against Racism and Discrimination 21-28 March

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Following a revision of the European Action Days during the European Campaign Conference, the first European Action Week will take place exactly one year after the No Hate Speech Movement has been launched by the Secretary General. The Action Week deals with the underlying themes of the campaign: racism and discrimination which are the fuel for hate speech, or for which hate speech acts as a form of expression. The Action Week takes place also in the context of preparations for the European Parliament elections, developments in Ukraine and the discussion on racism and nationalism provoked by the current happenings in Ukraine. The member states of UN also have under CERD the obligation to run a solidarity week with the targets of racial discrimination every year, as part of their commitments under the convention and the measures taken to prevent and counter racism and discrimination in their states. In September 2013, the UN Committee of the Convention also published a general recommendation no. 35 regarding racist hate speech and how the convention can further be used to counter the effects of racist hate speech. The current recommendation of UN goes very much in line with the stance of the No Hate Speech Movement in terms of proposing criminalization only in very severe cases and proposing alternative ways of countering such as education, awareness raising, etc. It also proposes a framework of analyzing hate speech that can be used further in the campaign in relation with the Hate Speech Watch and activities informing proper response to different acts of hate speech. The Action Week against Racism and Discrimination is the second focus of the campaign in 2014, and will run in parallel with other initiatives of international institutions and youth organisations, such as is the UN and the Action Week of United (a more established initiative in Europe and focusing this year on the European Elections).

Aim and Objectives:

  • To promote and request member states to sign the Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention within the Council of Europe,
  • To promote the general recommendations on hate speech of United Nations
  • To develop and run awareness raising activities in the member states targeting both policy makers on the need to take action against racism and discrimination, with a particular focus on hate speech role in fueling and promoting the racist ideologies, to have their public commitment on standing against racism
  • To map and raise awareness over the current situation concerning racism in Europe
  •  To raise awareness and educate young people on how to counter racism and discrimination
  • To fight against stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas, as well as to de-construct myths created around the discriminated groups at European level
  • To celebrate one year of the campaign by giving visibility to the results and achievements of the campaign and give an overview and visibility for the plans at European and national levels for 2014.

Planned Actions:

1. The Movement (with the help of its activists) has collected 21 Facts about Racism, discrimination in Europe and sharing them in an Online Quiz.

2. The Movement is inviting national campaign committees and their partners to design and share examples of posters to make people think and challenge the attitudes in relation to racism and discrimination. We are organising a European Online Exhibition of all the collected posters.

3. The Movement is producing testimonies (videos and interviews) with young people about their own story and will share them online to make people reflect and introduce change about discrimination. These will be shared on the Facebook Page of the Movement and here on this website.

4. The  Movement is encouraging its activists, parners and national committees to write articles in relation to racism and discrimination (stories, good practices, projects, opinions…etc.). These will be shared on the No Hate Speech Movement Blog during the Action Week.

5. The Movement will distribute an Infographic of the Achievements of the fist year of the campaign (March 2013 – March 2014).

6. The Movement is inviting all its followers to report online hate speech content related to racism and discrimination on the Hate Speech Watch. The online activists will organise online actions about a number of selected reports.

7. The Movement is preparing (with the help of its activists and national campaign coordinators) an online MAP presenting relevant information about racism and discrimination in Europe.

8. The Movement is also inviting people to create their own image and videos about racism and discrimination  to express their views and challenge others and upload it on the No Hate Speech Movement website.




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