21 June, 2016

European Youth Foundation supporting projects with young refugees

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logo-EYF-CoE-300x142The European Youth Foundation (EYF) is an important tool of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe to work with youth organisations for the human rights and social rights of Youth in Europe through human rights education and promotion of youth participation.

Since a few years the EYF has supported through its pilot projects grants youth initiatives that support social inclusion strategies for young migrants and refugees towards building inclusive societies.

Many youth organisations are working with young refugees or their host communities on initiatives that promote non-discrimination, human rights and solidarity, including within the framework of the No hate Speech Movement. The European Youth networks and European Youth Organisations try to support their members at national level by developing toolkits, training courses and seminars to exchange good practices and learn from each other’s experiences.

Below you will find three examples of recently EYF funded projects with young refugees.

Visit the EYF website for more on how to apply for support, the useful resources, including those developed by NGO’s and Video reports.

Example of a work plan:

NGO: Don Bosco Youth Net IVZW

Title: DonBosco 4 Refugees

The Don Bosco Youth Net is carrying out a work plan (which is a set of activities to be implemented within one year) in order to respond to the refugee crisis in 2016. The work plan aims to develop the competences of the member organisations and volunteers in creating youth advocacy actions targeted at influencing (youth) policy to safeguard the human dignity of young refugees. Young volunteers will also be introduced to and learn about the topic. To reach the objectives set, DBYN is carrying out an international training course on advocacy, a youth exchange on intercultural learning as well as a seminar for volunteers returning from a voluntary service abroad.

Example international activity:

NGO: Associazione Italiana Cooperazione Europa Mondo

Title: “Password for Human Rights: new tools for active participation”

The international activity taking place in Italy will bring young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers together with youth leaders from youth NGOs which are working with these target groups in order to raise competences using new tools, technologies and knowledge on how to fight discrimination and promote the social participation of marginalized young people. This activity is paying attention to the online dimension, notably participation. At the end a strategic plan will be developed to identify priorities and resources to reach the common goal of fighting discrimination and fostering social participation of migrants, young refugees, minority and other vulnerable groups.

Example pilot activity:

NGO: All different All Equal

Title: Friend in need – Youth action for understanding and solidarity for refugees

Since the beginning of the 2015 more than 445,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle East countries are registered in Serbia (IOM report). Even though efforts were made to support the refugees, a lack coordination and training for young volunteers in this field was expressed. Therefore the pilot activity to be implemented in Serbia intends to:

  • develop knowledge of young people in human rights education, work on skills and tools for successful planning, coordination and implementation of actions, peer education and campaigning
  • establish a social media and internet campaign that promotes understanding and support for refugees while fighting hate speech online.

The participants will go through a 5 day intensive programme that will establish know-how on working with refugees. A manual will be created which will serve as an online tool for action.

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