27 July, 2016

Event on 22 July in Azerbaijan

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IMG_3466Written by Ilhama S. Gasımzade

On 22nd of July the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of Republic Azerbaijan – the  Azerbaijan National Coordinator of No Hate Speech Movement, organized an action in the frame of No Hate Speech Movement.

The action was organized on the “European Day for Victims of Hate Crime” in a memory of Oslo attacks and Utøya massacre victims. The National Assembly decided to raise public awareness about hate crime in a creative method – through art.

The action was organized in one of the busiest malls of the city and involved 2 artists. The artist were attracting the habitants of Baku city with free drawings and caricatures.  One of the artists drew caricatures of interested people in a positive way, while another artist drew the same people as actors of hate speech, with angry and wrathful face. Then both drawings were presented to the people. This way the action showed the impact hate speech has on people, the fact that it’s much closer to us than we think and that any person can become a victim and also actor of hate speech.

IMG_3441_1In general more than 150 people got engaged in the action as the target group for promotion of action, among which 15 people got their caricatures drawn. The action gave an impressive and positive impact. Many young people and families got interested in joining the action, among which some of them shared their impressions on the day:

“It impressed me to see myself as the maker of hate speech.  Sometimes we don’t realize what we say is a “hate speech”. I’m impressed”.                 Rufat Mirzayev, 24 years old


During the action the activists of Azerbaijan National Campaign of No Hate Speech Movement provided interested people with information about the Movement, disseminated the booklets and promotional materials of the movement. In general the action attracted big attention of the habitants of the city and helped to educate and raise awareness about hate speech and its impact on people.

No Hate Speech Movement is a youth campaign started by the Council of Europe  for human rights online  in 2013.  The aim of the campaign is to reduce the levels of acceptance of hate speech and to develop online youth participation and citizenship, including in Internet governance processes. The National Assembly of Youth Organizations of Republic Azerbaijan has joined the campaign in 2013 and organized different local and international actions and activities in the frame of the Campaign.

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