European Action Day – Peace One Day


Event type: European Action Day

ypc_nhs_0221 September is the International Day of Peace.There are many close links between Peace and Hate Speech. Not only hate speech plays an important role in armed conflicts, for example in making people “ready” for conflicts and in building an image of the enemy, it also affects the peaceful coexistence between communities and individual people, even if they do not consider to be “at war” with each other. This European Action Day should have a positive message, expressing the wish for tolerance between people and communities and making steps towards peace. This means Hate Speech should stop. In other words: Speak Peace, Not Hate.

The actions will take place OFFLINE and ONLINE on Facebook ( ), Twitter ( #nohatespeech ) and here on the official No Hate Speech Movement platform ( )

You can do a Street Art Action, on the night of 20 September/morning of 21 September action groups go out and leave the slogan ‘Speak Peace, Not Hate’ on walls in public spaces using the Chalk graffiti or reverse graffiti techniques. The message should be clearly visible but should be easy washable, non-destructive or obstructive for the public. For details you can read more here.
Organise a Flashmob, On 21 September organise a Flashmob at a central location promoting the slogan ‘Speak Peace, Not Hate’. The Flashmob should invite passers by to reflect on ‘With whom they would like to make peace with today’.
Leave a comment and report  If you find any place online with hate speech leave your comment or post with the text “Speak Peace, Not Hate’ there if possible and link the page to the Hate Speech Watch.This can include posts on facebook pages, comment sections of websites/news sites and social media platforms.
Make your own Peace Messages, we invite all young people from conflict effected regions and communities to record messages (video/photo) addressed to young people of the ‘opposite side’. The message can highlight you do not support hate speech targeting people from the opposite side and you want to Speak Peace, Not Hate. Messages can be in a local language. You can upload them to the No Hate Speech Movement website here.