16 June, 2016

Evolution, Don't believe the Hype

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Category: Asylum seekers, Human Rights, Racism, Refugees
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The-face-of-evil_gallery_primaryWritten by Doghi Rares Adrian

People are scared… there’s no safety net… there’s no measures of security… not when it comes to people.. so what do we do ? we push everyone away… we learned that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We are who we are because of our extreme way of thinking.. we are nothing more then the safest Robots that we evolved into.. and the world is dark.. and cold and full of evil, merciless people that wouldn’t think twice to take a life..

We learned how to be more indifferent towards everything that’s happening around us, towards the people around us… the ones that need help… and the villains of this world evolved with us..

They put the fear in us and every reaction from us good or bad is a mission accomplished with them.. just our acknowledgement of their actions will be good enough for them.

Over the years we learned to protects ourselves to the point where nothing else matters.. Damn Presidents are building walls around us for our “PROTECTION” and we are so grateful to feel safe that we don’t even realize that we are caging ourselves in. We are willing to forget about our privacy we are ready to say yes to everything as long as the people we are so afraid of are kept away.

And we are so misguided that honest to God we just don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore.

We see people, PEOPLE ! die on boats, by hundreds and we are okay with that ??!!! We see them crying at our boarders, dying with nowhere to go to and we send them back to their country ? to go “BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM !?” we throw them a few pieces of bread over a damn fence so we can say that we helped.. and be happy with ourselves that they are not getting in ?

Fellow HUMAN beings are asking for our help.. they are asking for any help they can get, anything we can do and we say No ?!! To What End ?? is everybody really believing that all those refugees will get bored and just pack up and go back to their country ?? Their countries are bombed, Extremists, terrorists are killing people in their country every single day and we send them there ?

This is the Example we give to our children ??

We raise them in fear, and hate and we are programming them from a young age to be the best ROBOTS they can be… because we turned out so well.. right ?

We don’t help eachother, we don’t fight for our rights for the damn freedom we claim we want so bad.. we accept the cages, we accept the restrictions they give us and we sleep like a baby at night thinking it’s not our concern… until it is.

I know for a fact that’s not how we were raised, to be indifferent, to be selfish and look out only for ouselves.

Fear and Hate will spread like cancer and will consume us, and everybody around us… we won’t help anyone because nobody helped us.. Acts of kindness are warning signs to us… what could they want in return? .. why are they helping us ?  we are suspicious about it because nobody is good anymore, not in this world ! The good ones and the helpful ones are idiots and loosers..  and we have to be smart… we can’t help anyone and we shouldn’t because no one would do it for us right ?

I refuse to believe that this is who we are now, i refuse to believe that this is normal behaviour and every time we deny help for absolutely anyone, the refugees, our families, our friends.. a stranger on the streets.. that’s when we become the bad guys.. that’s when we become worse than the terrorist that threaten us each day… because everytime a refugee dies, everytime we turn our backs to anyone in need… thats when the damn terrorists can point their fingers at us and say Look ! Look at the people you are asking for help ! They don’t even see you as Humans, They just stamp you down with the “Dangerous” label and deny your rights as human beings before you even get the chance to prove them wrong…  Those terrorists can point their fingers at us and show the world how we let the people die at our boarders, how we didn’t lift a finger when they were crying out for help, how we built walls and fences to keep everybody out from our perfect nations and perfect countries with perfect “Special” people that we all are… We are the best and a blessing upon this world and in our delusions of grandeur we forget our Human part and embrace the mechanical one.

The Worst of the worst in this world can point their fingers at us and call us EVIL…

Are they right ? I truly hope not…


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