19 May, 2014

Fact or Myth?

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Gubaz Koberidze
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By João Reis

I would like you to know some myths about gay people that most people don’t know:

Homosexuality is not natural – Despite a popular perception that male-female pairings are the only “natural” way, the animal kingdom is actually full of examples of same-sex couples. Penguins, dolphins, bison, swans, giraffes and chimpanzees are just a few of the many species that sometimes pair up with same-sex partners.

Gay couples don’t last – Research has found that to be untrue. Long-term studies of gay couples indicate that their relationships are just as stable as straight pairings.

Most pedophiles are gay – There are several studies about that, one of them from 1994 led by Carole Jenny of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, surveyed 269 cases of children who were sexually molested by adults. In 82 percent of cases, the alleged offender was a heterosexual partner of a close relative of the child, the researchers reported in the journal Pediatrics. In only two out of 269 cases, the offender was identified as being gay or lesbian.

Gay parents aren’t as good as a father and a mother – Many of those who oppose gay marriage and gay adoption charge that same-sex parents aren’t good for kids, and that a child needs both a father and a mother to grow up to be a healthy adult. Research, however, shows that children of gay parents tend to fare just fine.

Being gay is a choice – While some claim that being gay is a choice, or that homosexuality can be cured, evidence is mounting that same-sex attraction is at least partly genetic and biologically based.

All of these myth deconstruction are based on scientific research. But, unfortunately, despite of science, most people find that is in their rights to abuse and kill gay people… Please stop homophobia, we are people like you and we didn’t chose to be like that.

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