14 July, 2017

fighting hate speech like pro – youth exchange

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Welcome dear reader in this chronicle of what may be called youth exchange, where words are just a pale shadow of the wonder that happens behind them.


I will guide you in the journey, and to feel the athmosfere properly it’s suggested to take a really hot cup of tea, some biscuits and a good amount of imagination.

“While frogs were sleeping, and bees were getting active, a group of really motivated people was also waking up surrounded by incredible shades of green, sun and a nice wind.

Minds where coming to gather around wooden tables, food was passing over, and stories where starting to flow. A really attentive observer could have followed that flow, but because I am not, I lost the track of it even before starting to write.

The sun moved a bit closer to the peak, and my protagonist moved with it outside the house, to discover again the beauty of play.”

Sadly all my inspiration was left in Anteliepte where i wrote the first part of this blog, So from now on, it‘s gonna be hardly a fairy tale, excuse me dear reader, but you still can have a tea while reading, i really suggest you to not put it aside in disappointment, a tea is always a good idea, and God only know how many I have while writing this.


In fact, I approached this word page at least 3 times, and each of them was filled with me looking at the screen trying to understand what to say first, whom to talk about, and how to tell you what magic happened.


I will start from the last days, the most creative, and for me, the most emotional.


After a whole week talking about what hate speech is, how it can be recognized, how identified, and how it should be adressed, we had a day on how we can fight it, actually the last three days where all about fighting it, and God damn, if there is any group of people that can succed, I’m sure it’s gonna have some of this youth exchange’s partecipants.


Because tool exsist, there are plenty of ways to have your voice heard, and here you a have the list of methods that participants found out:


  1. legal action (petitions, marches, also living library)
  2. Street action (flash mobs, graffitis on the streets and walls, of course the one that don’t leave a mark for too long)
  3. Manifestations (sit ins, strikes, marches)
  4. Online campaign (using hastags, like: #blacklivesmatter)
  5. Art forms (songs, raps, dances, street theatre)


And not only they reflected on them, they also created visual pieces to show how each of them could be used.


This is still not the end, we had the next day to develop all our ideas, create teams, look for challanges in our dreams, and find a solution to them.


Where all this brought us was an amazing song, two facebook pages, a little love campaign and some videos that will be uploaded soon. (you will find the links down below).


I wasn’t actually into any team, i was wondering around and every table I stopped at made my eyes shine and my fase transforming in a “wow” expression, really, magic was happening.


What I learned is that if you give to people an envoirment that boosts their creativity, you are gonna have solution, amazing, beautiful solution. I reckon that healing happens in these places, it goes from one person the other in a mute flight, just poses on their wounds, and even for a little while, gives relieve.


I was healed again, again I rebuild my hope in humanity, and again, I came back with a bag full of memories, a mind full of dreams and a spirit that learned how to fly higher, because it had no fears of falling down.


I thank every heart beating in that little beautiful village, specially the hearts that my one rush in excitement and hope.

Url: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=love%20trolls https://www.facebook.com/Whoisyourneighbour/

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