7 November, 2016

Flagging Antisemitic Hate Speech in the Hate Speech Watch

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9november-masolataGuidelines for Flagging Antisemitic Hate Speech in the Hate Speech Watch

The objective is to have a number of “typical” antisemitic hate speech pattern with high quality counter narrative marked on the Hate Speech Watch so that on the Action Days (9-10 November 2017) the Movement can share these examples on social media and raise awareness about the variety of existing antisemitic hate speech online and to also show good examples of counter narratives (counter arguments) to those hate speech examples. Through this action we would like to provide hints to the widest public online on identifying antisemitic hate speech and encouraging people to speak up and comment with the help of useful counter arguments that promote human rights. Please follow these steps in order to produce a Hate Speech Watch report that will counter an existing antisemitic hate speech content online:

  1. Please read the Focus of the Hate Speech Watch so that you have a good understanding of what and why it is important to flag antisemitic hate speech.
  2. Please search for any antisemitic content in any of the languages that you understand well. Select the one that you consider the most relevant.
  3. Click on the Submit a Report on the Hate Speech Watch.
  4. Copy-paste the link of the antisemitic hate speech content.
  5. Give a title to the report. A title that suggest the content or the specific issue of the hate speech.
  6. Provide the language of the hate speech content. In what language it is written, spoken.ceji-logo-70
  7. Describe the content and the main reason why it is antisemitic hate speech. For tips on identifying antisemitic hate speech see the short guide from CEJI and the Linguistic self defence guide to antisemitism published by MDI.
  8. You can add the screenshot of the antisemitic hate speech content so that people do not need to click on the link, but they can see it without supporting the content provider by link click visits.
  9. Add the tags that best describe the content. For example: Holocaust-denial, antisemitism etc.
  10. Provide your email address, accept terms of use and click on submit.
  11. mdiMake valid counter narrative supported by facts and clear counter argumentation, with appropriate language used and add it to the end of the report. The Linguistic self defence guide to antisemitism lists 10 most often observed types of antisemitic rhetoric and how to build an argument against them. To check for appropiate terms for antisemitism, anti-zionism etc. and distinctions that should be made between Jewish as a religion, as a group of people, the state of Israel and its policies etc. review the short guide from CEJI. )
  12. On 9-10 November you can share it on your social media and invite people to involve in a conversation about the content. The community manager will also share it on the Facebook page of the Movement.letoltes


For uploaded examples of reports of antisemitic hate speech with counter narratives see the Focus of the Hate Speech Watch and click on any of the reports in the right column.


Link: http://www.seoasth.gr/

Title: The president of the Workers Union of Urban Transportation in Thessaloniki is denounced for antisemitic rants

Description of Content: Dimitris Tsermenidis, president of the Workers Union for the Urban Transportation in Thessaloniki, is under fire for a number of antisemitic statements he made during a Union assembly on 24 June 2016. Voria.gr reports that Tsermenidis stated that “God created the Jews by mistake, who afterwards killed Jesus Christ” and expressed his regret for the fact that “unfortunately Hitler did not finish his work”. The Union president also made derogatory statements against Avraam Benaroya, the Jewish co-founder of “Federacion”, the first workers union in Thessaloniki.  When, later on, Tsermenidis denied to a Voira journalists that he made these antisemitic statements, he was caught making a new one: “The only thing I said is that God made Jews and they crucified Christ. Majorities crucified Christ just as they burned Copernicus”.

Counter argument: By stating that God created the Jews by mistake, that they crucified the Christ and by regretting that Hitler did not “finish the job” with Jews, the president of the Workers Union of Urban Transportation in Thessaloniki is fully supporting the extermination of Jews, both by denying their legitimacy to exist and by supporting the Shoah. As in many other antisemitic discourses in general, he supports his argument by accusing Jews of having killed Jesus Christ, although the Church denied the collective responsibility of Jews in the death of Christ (declaration “Nostra Aetate”) in 1965.

(Credits for example @get trolls out project, MDI)

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