La campagne en ligne se fait en grande partie avec le soutien d’un groupe de volontaires provenant de toute l’Europe. Formés par le Service de la Jeunesse du Conseil de l’Europe, ils soutiennent la campagne en créant une communauté active en ligne s’impliquant dans les actions contre le discours de haine. Ils ont rôle de modérateur et gèrent la plateforme du Mouvement contre le discours de haine. Ils mettent également en place les Journées d’Action Européennes, et communiquent et soutiennent le travail des comités nationaux de campagne à travers les 47 états membres du Conseil de l’Europe.

Le travail des volontaires en ligne est coordonné par Laszlo Foldi, Online Community Manage.

Voici les activistes en ligne:



Representing the Georgian School Students Unions’ Alliance

“We mainly work for schools and school students and we fight for school students’ rights. I am working within the campaign framework almost one year. I am an online activist and volunteer of the Council of Europe and also I am working on local level in Georgia. We are organising educational activities for school students and also working to set up campaign committee in Georgia.”


Representing Lithuanian NGO Creativitas, developing and implementing innovative & creative approaches in lifelong learning and youth work settings.

What motivates you to act against hate speech online?

“I think that the growing size and importance of online communities and social media in general creates many new opportunities but also possesses many threats in terms of user abuse, especially when it comes to young people or other vulnerable groups. That’s why I find it so important to campaign and raise awareness about these issues, as this is probably the only way to create an online space which is safe and welcoming for all.”


Activist at MRAP

What motivates you to act against hate speech online?

“The fact that it’s a European campaign and that the local level connects on an international way.”

What was the most important experience for you in the campaign?

“To meet several European young people with the same goal : fighting racism and hate speech online and offline”