17 August, 2017

Friendship Beyond Borders

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Written by Hamza ÇINAR nelli2

First of all, the title may seem like  it is stolen from the project “Beyond Borders” named and funded by Hrant Dink Foundation. But I really wanted to use that name, as it explains our situation the best and please consider it as a thanks to the foundation which gave us the amazing chance to visit Armenia.

As it is always said, Armenia is our furthest neighbour. We want to change that and we have been searching for the ways to go there, to meet with youngs just like us, and talk! But.. with whom? Just any people on the street? Of course we did that as well but one of the best part of our visit was to meet with the representatives of No Hate Speech Movement in Armenia. They welcomed us in their Office and we took the chance to talk openly about anything we wanted to share, specifically the occasions of further cooperation for Erasmus+ and related projects.

nelli1After an amazing visit to the office, Armenian hospitality offered us to visit Khor Virap, an important historical and religious site for Armenians. It is a place where you can see Turkey clearly. That is the moment we realized how it is possible to be so close and so far in the same time? Instead of searching for an asnwer, we chose not to see the borders but to enjoy the moment with great people surrounding us, and understand that love has no borders.


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