8 April, 2014

“Gypsy gypsy, you are strangers here” – ACTION AGAINST HATE CONTENT NOW!

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April 8th is the European Day of Action for solidarity with the Roma people. Across Europe, the Roma number roughly 12 million and have been part of European society for over eight centuries. As part of the campaign, activists from the No Hate Speech Movement are drawing attention to Hate Speech Watch, the reporting mechanism for online hate speech.

In 2008, a video, ‘Gypsy gypsy, you are strangers here’ was posted from Serbia about the Roma people in the country. Featuring footage of Roma singing the Romanian Eurovision entry on the streets and images of a Roma woman sitting on steps with her daughter, the video also contains text about the Roma. It questioned ‘Does it seem to you that the place you live in is starting to look like Bangladesh?’ and stated that ‘Gypsies are a filthy race from Asia.’ It accuses gypsies of torturing, raping and murdering Serbian people.

The video declares that ‘The same gypsies who bullied our ancestors are seeking human rights in our country,’ and went on to suggest that Roma are destroying Serbian culture and tradition.

A Serbian song plays after these messages, with lyrics full of hate speech- “You came from India to a white country, you came like pests and infested the country. Centuries passed, you took our land, stole, killed us and spit on us.” Gypsy Scum

The song suggest that Serbia is the subject of genocide by Roma communities, saying that the Roma have ethnically cleansed some Serbian villages. The chorus of the song starts with the words ‘Gypsy scum, you are gypsy scum!’

This video has been on YouTube for six years and has been accessed by over 26,000 people. We believe that it constitutes dangerous incitement to violence and the harshest form of hate speech imaginable. The video has been flagged to YouTube and reported by the No Hate Speech Movement, but we are asking supporters and friends to help us defeat this danger and flag the video as part of today’s efforts to raise awareness about hate speech against the Roma in Europe.

You can read the Actual Report with the link to this shamefull video on the Hate Speech Watch too. Go and flag this video!


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