3 August, 2017

Hand to hand trough“NO BORDERS“

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nelli2Written by Nelli Gishyan

From the 17-22th of July Armenian National Campaign Committee hosted co-managers of “Earthling” (Dünyalı) organization (www.dunyalilar.org).

The idea of the meeting was to build bilateral cooperation between Turkish-Armenian young people with the concept of “no borders”. The meetings took place in nature in an open atmosphere with very open discussions and criticism of now days reality, political situations and artificial closure of the borders of two nations who are so similar and meantime forced to be far from each other with a very small chance to sit face to face and deal with the current situation which is the consequence of more than hundred years of ”silence”.

nelli1The last day of the meeting was the 22nd of July, the Action Day for the Victims of Hate Crime, http://nohatespeechmovement.org/hate-speech-watch/actionday with the slogan “No hate speech = Less hate crimes! “. For this special day the organizers of the current event went to Tsitsernkaberd, Memorial of Armenian Genocide to share last day feelings of the visit and discuss the vivid example of historical injustice on the spot in the park of the Memorial.

nelli3One of the members of Youth Alliance via Networking (YAN) Educational NGO Johny Kondakjian, who is Syrian-Armenian, was telling his family story that passed through the Genocide and lost each other since then. He was sharing his feelings about Tsitsernakaberd Memorial, which is the rightest place where we could see how hate speech drives to hate crime.

All the organizers from Turkish and Armenian sides went hand to hand to memorial to show the unity and solidarity to each other hoping that “no borders“ between people and their conscious is possible and one day we will just climb Ararat mountain together ?

The travel grant of Turkish participants from Dunyali Organization was founded by Hrant Dink Foundation and took place in Cooperation with Youth Alliance via Networking (YAN) Educational NGO representatives and National Campaign Committee of Armenia.

nelli4Special thanks to coordinators of Hrant Dink Foundation http://www.armtr-beyondborders.org Anna Yeghoyan and Nazli Türker.



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