20 July, 2015

Hate Crime Stories: State empowered hate crimes against refugees in Hungary

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betyaroskorteWritten by Balint Jósa

Hate Crime and Online incitement against refugees and asylum seekers.

How to turn hate into action? How not to!

The Betyársereg (Outlaw’s Army members) is a fanatic, paramilitary ultra radical right wing organization, who are supporting the recent anti-migrant discourse that is currently took highest peak during the state sponsired ”consultation with the people” and public information campaign run by the Hungarian Government. They appear like historical outlaws that protect “Hungarians and Hungary”, one of their main slogans is: “don’t hurt Hungarians or we hurt you back” While the dramatic increase of asylum seekers and refugees is a reality in Hungary, but the attitude towards them turned into something I feel a hate crime.

50-60 members of the Betyársereg turned up one day in Szeged (a major city in Hungary near the Serbian border, where most refugees come through) at the Grand Station, where activists MigSzol help asylum seekers. The police arrived after 30-40 minutes and the members of the neo-nazi/skinhead group was divided into two: one of them headed to the Grand Boulevard, where many refugees gather to travel to their destinations the other stayed and “observed” the work of the activists. Both team protected by police officers so there was no open conflict. This time the area was quite empty only a few asylum seekers, but the immigration office premises where police search peoples records are near, people constantly arriving at the station, so the police accompanied some groups sections to prevent provocation from happening. The radical sympathizers took pictures of activists and refugees.

It’s a particularly Challenging thought that the tormented people are not particularly intimidated by the appearance of Betyársereg, after the long journey many atrocities have been rougher than this to have occurred.

The MigSzol started this sort of direct aid on June 28, but three of the past eight days, they received various degrees of atrocities. On Saturday night, drunken, skinhead-looking young people arrived half-naked, beer bottles, six or seven young people shouted different violations of refugees and promise to cut the head of the activists as. Finally, the police restored order.

During these events happening, a Facebook group member of the long time allied to Betyársereg and notoriously homophobic and xenophobic ultra right sport fan club (Ultras Liberi) posted (in Hungarian): “I have a brilliant idea, we should put up fake migrant help desks and give out poisonous(laxative) food to this animals”

The post went viral, and “many” people liked it, but the complete fan page disappeared from Facebook, with more than 76 thousand-members (so our previous reports from the HATE SPEECH WATCH are gone too). According to our knowledge it was the most popular the Hungarian far-right group of Facebook’s.

Europe is facing a rising tide against migrants, and to incite and spread the hate, is hate crime nevertheless it is done by a person via Facebook or your own government. Threatening migrants and the people who help them publicly following them and insult them is definitely illegal and it is done by the bias motives of fear, hate and racism.


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