22 July, 2015

Hate Crime Stories: Uninvestigated incident

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Category: hate crime, Police, uninvestigated incident, Victims of hate crime, Violance
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Kia_cee'd_Polish_PoliceMy name is Milosz. In the evening on 11 November 2014 together with my partner we decided to go out and spend the night with friends in a local pub. Around two o’clock we were going back home, walking along the long street full of bars and pubs in Katowice, in southern Poland. My partner’s flat is in the centre of the town so we were walking on foot. We were together with friends, so we felt comfortable enough to walk holding hands. At certain time the friends took a different way to reach their places and we continued walking, still holding hands. We were not afraid as in the end we were in the city centre full of people. While walking past the bus stop we heard some people screaming “faggots”. When we turned back we saw three men walking towards us. They kept screaming: This is Poland and “faggots” do not have place here. One of them pushed me and told me that two men should not walk holding hands. Suddenly, the other two started to aggressively beat my boyfriend. One of them started to beat me on my face. My boyfriend, Mariusz, shouted “Run away!”. I do not even remember the moment I started to run. I only remember, while being in a safe place, nervously calling 112. I noticed as well, that the security guy in the bank nearby saw all what had been happening. I asked him if he could react. However, he was not able to leave the building. In the meantime, the aggressive guys, left my boyfriend and got on the night bus. Mariusz did not want them to leave without being punished for what they had done. So he stood in the middle of the road blocking and showing to the driver that the police had just been called. The perpetrators asked the bus driver to open the door, which he did and started to run towards Mariusz. When they caught him, they kicked him several times. Then, they entered the bus. The police arrived a few minuted later. We gave initial evidence to the police. The police checked CCTV and collected other evidence. With no result. The proceedings have been discontinued.

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