29 November, 2016

Hate is not a political opinion

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odirThe youth wings of the political parties signed the Declaration for free, fair and democratic elections

The youth organizations of 22 political parties in Republic of Macedonia signed the Declaration for free, fair and democratic elections organized by the OHRID Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs.  The Declaration was signed on 15.11.2016 in Skopje.

With the signing of the Declaration, the youth organizations of the political parties agreed that they will stand for fair and democratic elections, they will not use dishonest measures and tactics such as intimidating the citizens, they will work in direction of improving the democratic climate in the electoral process and they will publicly denounce every act of violence and they will not publish defamation, lies and offensive speech.

The young politicians pledged that they are going to actively influence and contribute to minimizing and eliminating hate speech both on-line and offline. They also committed themselves to leading honorable and fair media campaign and they will continue to work to improve the political dialogue in Republic of Macedonia.

Biljana Janeva, the executive director of the OHRID Institute said: “The young politicians throughout the years have become more louder, their voice is really influential in their political parties, but in the Macedonian society as well. With each year, the young politicians are more involved with their own suggestions, activities and ideas which are aimed towards improving the status and standard of the young people in Republic of Macedonia.”

She also pointed out that the OHRID Institute believes that these young politicians are the future decision-makers and leaders of the new generation politicians which will build the foundation of a healthy political dialogue and will nurture democratic values. According to Janeva, the youth wings of the political parties have big intellectual capacity, they have the power and responsibility to prove that they are not a soundless letter, but they are a very powerful force which can be influential in all areas in the society and in the decision-making processes.

Biljana Janeva also said that the young politicians showed maturity, responsibility and democratic capacity to handle the challenges that stand before them in the upcoming period.

The Declaration for fair, free and democratic election is part of the Electoral cycle of the Youth Political Dialogue program which foresees trainings, round tables, electoral simulation, monitoring of the early parliamentary elections and a pre-election poll among youth wings of the political parties.

Since 2011, the OHRID Institute works on the Youth Political Dialogue program and works with all of the active youth wings of the political parties and works on building the capacity of the young politicians and strengthening the political dialogue among them.

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