10 December, 2016

Hatred is just a bad option

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e3b267dafaff30349d43da8b9f36aad2Written by Lorena Beshello

People are what they choose to be. We direct ourselves through several circumstances where we have to make a certain decision. This is something that happens during our entire life and defines our personality. Some choices though can be egocentric, some others can be even harmful for ourselves and the community as well. To hate is a choice which brings harm to ourselves and the societies, it gives us negative feelings and experiences throughout our social activities and interaction.

Hatred is a typical human condition, related to disliking and often to wanting to hurt other individuals or peoples. Every day we face some kind of discrimination or subtle expressions of hatred such as negative language towards a certain group of people and prejudices. Every day we hear about people being the target of discrimination or expressions of hatred. Social media is enough of an example which displays hate speech. The question shouldn’t be whether there must be some sort of punishment for the ones who produces such anger and hostility towards certain individuals or peoples rather than if there is any better option or alternative besides hate. People choose to hate people for many reasons, starting from their appearance, language, ethnicity, social background etc. Those reasons can be exploited in order to create a common civic ground where people provide a constructive platform on how to make other choices better than hate.

The mere discourse gathers a lot of problems in terms of what triggers hate speech what pushes people to exert violence towards other people and so on. For example Muslim girls are an object of hate just because of their hijabs. Coloured people are an object of hate just because of their colour. As one would notice, people sometimes just choose to hate someone with no reason behind that what can be named as an obvious difference. Is hatred the easiest choice? Instead of deciding to get to know, or rather work with someone, we choose to dislike, push away and hate because that person is different, ‘’unknown’’, strange and so on. We would rather choose to withdraw and detach ourselves instead of dealing with a diverse environment and be part of a diverse community where humans have equal opportunities to live and develop themselves.

Thus, it is essential to bring people together on a common sphere and intercultural learning process. When people are comfortable, they make the right choices. A comfortable environment of mutual understanding and background teaches people and makes them think and at the end make better decisions. The more options, the less bad decisions. To choose to hate is an unwise decision and it never brings a solution to whatever issue lying behind that decision. Choosing not to hate may as well not bring any solution to the issue, but it opens better perspectives on personal development and awareness increase through intercultural learning in order to build and determine e better future with better decisions. Youth mobilization and enrollment in campaigns against hatred and in support of human rights is one important way of dealing with ignorance on Human Rights of individuals and groups targeted by hate speech. Social networking and common work projects not only ease the obstacles between people, but also help them develop more skills and widen the perspectives of learning, comprehending, thinking and communicating.

No Hate Speech campaign in Albania was initiated by youngsters who wanted to make online hate speech a public issue by giving examples of people who were objected to online harassment or hatred. The campaign’s aim was to offer support and denounce every act of violence or hatred, promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These actions not only give opportunities on making choices and expressing through personal experiences, but they do an actual change in thinking process and attitude. Actions involving hate speech are lifelong projects which change in parallel with the society’s mentality, thus they can tackle a wider range of issues concerning the violation of human rights in different periods. Giving more opportunities for a better use of communication tools and a better way of dealing with a diverse environment is necessary for better choices which go beyond hatred and social detachment.

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