22 October, 2016

Pedagogic tools and resources to counter antisemitic hate speech

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FB cover You will find here resources and guidelines on how to prevent and counter antisemitic hate speech as an educator or as an activist. These resources will help you in raising awareness and educating on the issue of antisemitism, antisemitic hate speech and Holocaust remembrance.

Educational tools

For a firm theoretical foundation you can can read here all you need to know about discrimination and intolerance .

Compass Manual on Human Rights Education with Youth People. Recommended activities that support education on antisemitism:

  • Believers, page 105
  • Flower power, page 177
  • Soon to be outdated, page 272
  • Timelines, page 302

Bookmarks Manual on combating online hate speech through Human Rights education. Recommended activities that support education on antisemitism: Clash of freedoms, page 60

Teaching About The Holocaust

Council of Europe on Remembrance of the Holocaust and Educational resources

Holocaust Education In Antiracism Work (from UNITED)

Information on facts regarding antisemitism and alternative narratives combating antisemitic hate speech from Get the Trolls out project.

Explanatory content regarding the link between antisemitic hate speech and hate crimes, the importance of speaking up against antisemitic hate speech, and danger that antisemitic hate speech puts on the future of our democracies based on the work of CEJI and the Facing Facts project.

Further reliable resources for action and education

ECRI General Policy Recommendation N°9: The fight against antisemitism (2004)

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance Annual Report 2014

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance Annual Report 2015

European Union Fundamental Rights Agency Infographic on hate crimes 2012

EU FRA 2013: Jewish people’s experiences of discrimination and hate crime in European Union Member States

ENAR 2014: Escalation of antisemitism in Europe 

CEJI: Guidelines for Acknowledging and Monitoring Antisemitism On-and Offline

ENGAGE Campaign against antisemitism and racism

Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism – Antisemitism Report 2015 and Report 2013

Institute for Jewish Policy Research: The Exceptional Case? Perceptions and experiences of antisemitism among Jews in the United Kingdom. 

Antisemitic incidents map:





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