21 February, 2017

Human Library 10th Anniversary Opening Ceremony and Safer Internet Day, Lithuania

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4 pm

Early February was a very special time for us here at the National Institute for Social Integration. Not only did we celebrate Safer Internet Day, but we also celebrated the launch of the 10th Gyvoji Biblioteka/Human Library program, through a very special opening ceremony which took place on Feb 4 at the Lithuanian National Library.

The event started with presentations: first, by the Founder and Director of the National Institute for Social Integration, Neringa Jurčiukonytė, where she reflected on the history of the organization, the milestones reached over the last ten years and the interconnections between the Human Library project and the No Hate Speech Movement. This was followed by a presentation by Beatričė Juškaitė, the coordinator of our informal human rights education program, which sought to answer questions such as: what is hate speech? why is it important to challenge it? and what is Safer Internet day?
Following this, the Human Library took place. This gave those in attendance, who ranged from youth and young adults, to representatives of NGOs, local municipalities, embassies, businesses and institutes, the opportunity to speak to over 20 different book titles!
The day was a roaring success, garnering much attention in local and national media:

Url: http://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/161502/siandien#wowzaplaystart=669000&wowzaplayduration=204000

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